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  1. kurosaki4d

    Will this practice hurt my SEO?

    Hi all, I have a quick question, about a certain action that I've been doing with most of my articles. With most of the images inside my article, their "alt tags" and "picture names" have the primary keyword of the article in them all. Knowing this, will that hurt my article's SEO? and...
  2. cyberkyd

    Comment Poster

    Recently i encountered an incident that lead me writing this article here on #BHW. I was on SERP looking for a keyword "Amazon prime support" and i got bunch of craps Ranking high on Google SERP ie fake amazone prime support Toll-Free Number with a bunch of keywords stuffed there and most of...
  3. A

    301 redirect the answer?

  4. A

    301 Redirect the answer?