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  1. Supnetto

    Google Ads are not shown for the main key

    Hello. encountered a very strange problem. The thing is that my ads are not shown on the main key, but are shown only with additional words in the key, let me give you an example. Let's say that my key advertised: Zoom, I insert it in the cabinet, it is approved, but the ads are shown only on...
  2. P

    how supposed run google ads ?

    how to run google ads for gambling campaign correctly ? how about the keyword ? if we use keyword contain gambling is it OK ?
  3. A

    Are keywords in other languages are easy to rank?

    I was just wondering if blogging in some other language besides English is easy to rank? And what if i just have to target one specific country ?
  4. Harnur

    How to Find the Most Expensive keywords in a geo?

    I am trying to find the top 10 most expensive keywords with the highest CPC rate in India(geo). When you know the niche, it's easy to sort keywords in the keyword terms of the highest to the lowest bid. I also tried to google "Top 10 most expensive keywords"...but the list...
  5. D

    Low Competition, Easy to Rank, High CPC Keywords [India] [Updated Daily] [Giving Back]

    Dear Members, This post is for our friends from India! Over the past few days, I have learned so much on this forum. The tricks, tools and techniques on this forum are something which I could never think of myself. I have specifically learned a great deal about SEO, Keyword Research, CPC...
  6. D

    [Giving Back] Low Competition, Easy to Rank, High CPC Keywords [Updated Daily]

    Dear Members, Over the past few days, I have learned so much on this forum. The tricks, tools and techniques on this forum are something which I could never think of myself. I have specifically learned a great deal about SEO, Keyword Research, CPC, Google Adsense and SEM in general. I believe I...
  7. R

    Keyword Trending

    is there an alternative apart from google trends which can find trending keywords ? whether it's a way or a method
  8. cosmo89

    Looking for a Software Developer

    I am looking for a software developer to develop a keyword research tool with Google API. Need an expert to guide and build it. PM me if you are the right person. Cosmo
  9. nettspring

    Can I outrank social media sites from google's 1st page ?

    These days I am doing keyword research to find good low competition keywords. one thing I notice, There are social media sites like Pinterest, youtube, medium, Twitter on google's 1st page for some keywords. so I heard it is very easy to outrank these social media sites for that keywords and...
  10. ConfusedSocial

    [Question] What are these hidden KWs?

    Hi Friends! In May, I wrote an article with a specific KW in focus. As I was not getting much time to monitor the site, I checked the status on GSC last week for the specific URL. I found one KW generated nearly 450+ visits ( position 8) to date. For a small blog like mine, these are quite...
  11. new_don

    Micro Niche Site in Tech Niche

    Hi, I have a new domain and wanted to start a micro niche website in tech niche but did not find a good micro niche may be because i am new in keyword research. Yes i am not a pro in keyword research and SEO and also have very low experience in these. How can i find low competition keywords...
  12. N

    Keyword Research

    Please, someone, advise me about keyword research. Let's say I have chosen a Keyword which very low competition, then I have to write 100 articles. But Do I need 100 keywords for 100 articles or Need to use the one keyword for all articles? As an example, my keyword is "how to make 100 bucks...
  13. Pasindu Dulanjaya


    I'm a newbee.What is the best free keyword tool available right now ? i tried ubersuggest most of the people say it doesn't show the real that true ?
  14. S

    Need help in understanding keyword cost

    Hello Everyone, I have an amazon affiliate website. Some keywords are ranked in top 10, But their keyword cost is 0. some are there in top 25. They have keyword cost around 0.5. So I am not able to understand it properly. Also how keyword cost affect my site or earning?
  15. RealDaddy

    ☘️ ‍❤️‍ [GUIDE] Free Keyword Research ✔️✔️ Become Better at Finding LOW COMPETITION Keywords w/o Spending any $$$

    Hello BHW, Today I will show you - "How to do Keyword Research utilizing Free tools?" Keyword Research is actually a very neat Skill that every Internet marketer should have. Let's dive right into it- Go here - neilpatel[dot]com/ubersuggest In the keyword section, enter your niche [broad]...
  16. Clare Jane

    Easy to Rank Amazon Product Keywords ~ Build Your Niche Site ~ Starting From $9

    This thread will be recently updated with new packages, prices and discount packages Please check last post before order a package and don't miss the bonus package! FAQ- : 1. How easy to rank these keywords ? - Relative Easy and we send MOZ analyze report 2. Are the keyword with actual amazon...
  17. crissdinesh

    Keyword suggestion

    Hello BHW, Let me jump into an example: I have a long tail keyword, "restaurant with free wifi". Should I use the keyword as it is on my blog post? or Can I add "How To" before the keyword for a tutorial based post?. My site is How To's tutorial site. I need a suggestion. Please help me...
  18. crissdinesh

    Will you use keyword with high search volume but 0 CPC in a blog post?

    Hello BHW, For a Long tail keyword, the competition is easy. I would like to know whether it is profitable in any way to use keywords with decent - high search volume but zero CPC? I checked the keyword in different paid tools. Is this a good method or not. I’m not gonna use this kind of...
  19. mosharop

    Looking for best keyword research tutorial

    May you please share best keyword research tutorial / BHW threads or methods? I want to know the step by step process :)
  20. elias880810

    Free Report

    Hello friends, I have an account on and I want to give you a free report for 1 main keyword per user, only for 20 people. the report includes 1. monthly searches 2.CPC 3. Competition score Instructions: comment, what do you want your free report and send me your keyword by...
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