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    Hello BHW Looking for some one who can help me infect a pedofile

    Hello,i need help with keylogger if some one can infect this person or help me do it.He is a peddofile terrorizing girls at small age and molesting them over the internet and i just have to find who is this person IRL I can pay Via BTC for your help or service.Thank you
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    Keylogger email test error

    I m using email delivery method and I fill the correct information in for adress, SMTP., 587, pw. I hit the test and I get errors, and I have no clue how to solve his problem please help.
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    New Clickbank Product Release - Max Keylogger,Earn $52 Per Sale

    New Clickbank Product Release - Max Keylogger,Earn $52 Per Sale Hey guys I have just released my latest clickbank product Max Keylogger.Max keylogger ? Best Keylogger & Pc Monitoring Software. Main Interface pic: Logo: I plan to improve the product and the sales page as much as...
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    Laptop stolen! Help me track down this f*cker.

    My apartment was burglarized and my laptop stolen this weekend along with a TON of other possessions. I had logmein installed on it, so that offers a glimmer of hope for recovering my things I'm thinking. I've been monitoring the laptop, and the next time it comes online I'll then have the...
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