1. harrywilliams

    Bulk Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) - Few Books Per Day Guide ?

    I've seen a few JOURNEYS where some of our fellow BHW members publish a few books per day. How to do that? Making coloring books using stock images? Using AI-generated content? Spinning content from the internet or from books? Drawing top of photos to make lines to drawings to create a...
  2. K

    A way to make 45$ per month ? share it !

    Hello guys, hope you all doing fine To be brief, i've been with my KDP journey " journey here " my goals were little bit higher than what i'm actually making " 220 books published " activity book and some notebooks, 2euros gained " + 360 books waiting for review by AMAZON I got an obstacle...
  3. K

    Road to 1900$ per month with KDP

    Hey guys, it's been a while that i'm trying with kdp, i also made a thread before for a journey, but, i could fulfill it for a simple reason ! i lost the motherboard of my laptop, BUT i'm here again for another journey for 1900$ as monthly royalties by the end of December 2021 ! So i will...
  4. xanaIDE

    Afilliate, MBA, KDP on the same Amazon account?

    Hey everyone, another newbie question here. Let's suppose I'm into Merch by Amazon, KDP, and affiliate programs on the same Amazon account. Let's imagine I did some copyright mistakes on some of the designs on Merch by Amazon. Do they just ban me on the specific program, or they shut down the...
  5. aminosi

    Journey to 100$ a day , Kindle Direct publishing

    Hi, without any introduction, I'm planning to get 100$ a day by publishing books on Amazon, this is my strategy : Publishing low content books : I've already published some ( notebook, logbook, and coloring book), seems that coloring books sell better than the others: so I've decided to publish...
  6. AlexTheGeek

    Gifting Amazon KDP to increase sales and reviews? How do I proceed?

    I’m planning on launching a book on Amazon later this year. The best seller in my category has around 10 sales a day and should be easy to beat. I’m now just looking into how I can boost my sales on launch to become a bestseller. I’ve been thinking the following: 1) I use my own domain and gift...
  7. AlexTheGeek

    Gifting Amazon KDP to increase sales?

    I’m looking at gifting a Amazon KDP to mann different emails on my domain to increase sales for my book. Will this work or do I need to claim the gift from different IPs?
  8. K

    My journey for 150$ per month

    Hello team ! sorry for my bad english ! after a long inactivity, i'm back for a new journey ! after watching severals good kdp journeys, i decided to make my own, to be brief : my initial goal is 150$ per month ! " as soon as i reach it, i will make it little bit bigger " History : i...
  9. blackhatkdp

    Looking for someone who can format Kindle Books | Design Covers | and do some research and Publish books for us

    Looking for someone who can format Kindle Books | Design Covers | and do some research and Publish books for us Skills required: Graphic Design in Photoshop Word Processing Wiling to learn a few softwares ebook publishing (prior experienced freelancers will be given preference) Amazon Seo...
  10. Zagreus

    [Journey] Make $10,000 per month by the end of 2021! - Amazon KDP self-publishing books

    Prior to the journey thread, I'd like to quickly slide in a introduction of myself: I'm currently still in school (18 years old), but will soon graduate. My particular interests lie in programming / developing applications (whereas my main language is Python, followed by C#, Go - I had the...
  11. M

    Looking to buy reviews for a Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Book

    Hi, I am looking to buy KDP reviews. Only from US Amazon Prime users that will have to buy the article and leave the review. Skyp me at [email protected]
  12. TheSecond

    [First Journey] $125 per month with KDP

    Welcome to my journey to reach at least 125$ per month ( this is just a small goal to keep me motivated, I will keep increasing the target every time I reach it) with KDP, Without investing any money. sorry for the bad English, and the terrible formatting. My brain shutdown every time I try to...
  13. Boriss

    Is KDP Tangent Templates any good? worth it?

    Hello, Is KDP Tangent Templates any good? worth buying it? URL: https://templates.tangent.rocks/ It's for one of my friends, who is working on KDP. Maybe you guys can suggest another software, bot, course, etc for him. Thank you,
  14. sev1024

    Blueprint to Becoming an Amazon Best Seller

    Hey All, Does anyone have any good BHW stickies on getting a Kindle book 'Best Seller' status? I didn't realize how much of a sham it was until I listened to this Exposure Ninjas podcast on the topic (not sure if putting the link in here will get me in trouble, so just look up episode 134 on...
  15. D

    Advice needed: Selling journals on Shopify vs Amazon

    Hi BlackHatters! It's a crazy world out there right now with all the virus shenanigans and all, so I hope everyone is safe and well. I'm new around here and I'm just in complete awe of the amount of content and community spirit here - it's nice to have such a supportive bunch of folks from all...
  16. mayadd

    Your US KDP Amazon Account + My E-Book

    Hello. I need a trusted person who lives in the United States and owns a Kindle Amazon account. The reason for that is I am from a blocked country. What you will do : You have to own a KDP Amazon account with your billing address in order to receive payments. After you receive any payments...
  17. Steroidz

    [Journey] KDP Self-Publishing 2020 (Grayhat)

    What you can expect from this journey: 1) Overview of the whole self-publishing eco-system 2) Reviews of other services (ARCs,Newsletters,Promo websites etc) 3) Low Spending - about $XX- low $XXX per month on services/traffic Who are you following on this journey: Full-Time Online Marketer...
  18. D

    Anyone Still Making Decent Money From Kindle Books?

    Hi Just wondered if anyone is producing books for kindle and other platforms and if so how are they finding the returns ? we have about 10 books up ourselves of which 5 really make any money but that said we have done nothing with them for a few years no advertising etc. moved in to...
  19. J

    What to Do If You Get Banned by Amazon KDP and They Won’t Let You Back In, No Matter What

    Apologies for the insanely long article, but I think this is important to discuss. If you see anything here that needs correcting, adding, subtracting, etc. you will NOT hurt my feelings. I just want to help. Feel free to give any feedback to anything you see here that needs tweaking. Okay...
  20. C

    Is KDP still a way to make passive incomes

    Dearest, I would like to share with you my experience with KDP. I have had incomes through, but in last 6-8 month the incomes have been decreased dramatically.\ Do you think, there is a still a future on KDP or not? Any of your experiences. Thank you