1. L

    My Reddit Account with high Karma - Your method(s)

    I have a Reddit account with a lot of karma (over 20K) and made money with web hosting affiliate programs and crypto affiliate programs. Since I always promote or have promoted the same products I now need new interesting affiliate products and ideas. I am looking for a partner who has good...
  2. BornAHustler

    Comment karma farming

    Just as the title says, what's the current best strategy to grow your comment karma?
  3. D

    4K Karma in a week with Reddit Comment Bot?

    Hi BHW I came across this reddit account which was replying to every post in karma farming subreddit . The noticeable thing is that the account uses automated process but for every username to reply , its using the their username and so have generated nearly 4000 karma in a short period of a...
  4. L

    Reddit account with a lot of karma (20K). How to monetize

    I have a Reddit account with about 20K karma. I have heard that this is a lot of karma. Is it possible to do something with it and use it for monetization? I was thinking, for example, of a service for people who have too little karma to post in certain subreddits. Does anyone have any other...
  5. Jhos838

    I sell high quality Reddit accounts with KARMA

    Buy high quality Reddit Accounts with KARMA Hello BHW friend! I sell Reddit accounts with karma, these accounts are quality since each account I sell, the karma was uploaded manually without using bots or anything that causes a ban. The accounts come with different amounts of karma, you choose...
  6. Designerstech

    Question about Reddit Profiles

    Hello everyone, I am in the market for reddit profiles with a decent amount of karma. I was wondering what the average going rate for reddit profiles are. Im being told $90 for 5k karma. Is this good price or am I getting ripped off??
  7. HomensdaLuta

    Job Posting (Full/Part-time): Seeking Skilled Redditor for Reddit Account Growth

    We're in search of an experienced redditor eager to contribute to the manual growth and engagement of our Reddit accounts. This opportunity is perfect for those who have a profound understanding of Reddit's culture and excel in genuine interaction across its diverse communities. What We're...
  8. thesyndicate

    Tips how to get 1000 Karma while you sleep.

    1. Acquire some fundamental Karma 2. Join any Telegram channel, TikTok, or any other platform that allows you to download adorable videos of dogs and cats. 3. Download a video. 4. Upload to a dog/cat sub and go to sleep. 5. Wake up, come back and answer all comments for some comment Karma...
  9. J

    [WTB] Reddit Account with Karma and Female names

    I am looking for Reddit accounts that have karma (500 or 1k+) and also comment Karma. The accounts have to be at least 1 month old and use female names. With Female names I mean anything, not names like jessica, melanie etc. I mean anything girly like blondegirl1992, cutieonatree97...
  10. N

    [WTB] Aged Reddit Account [1+ year, 1k+ Karma] Paypal

    Hi! Looking to buy an aged reddit account at least a year old with 1k karma. Will need to accept payment via paypal NOT crypto Thx!
  11. Kadha

    Preview NSFW videos on Reddit

    Whenever I post NSFW videos from redgifs to reddit the preview is always like this: I find it impossible to compete with users who post images when I only post videos, they are able to show a full preview of the content on the image post, while video posts only have the the link as the...
  12. L

    How to get a lot of karma very quickly (over 1000 karma points)

    If you need more Karma to post in subreddits you can do this: Download pics of beautilful woman from websites like pexels.com. Post pics in subreddit like prettygirls, prettyasiangirl, redheadbeauties etc. Post in subreddit gaming interesting Questions and/or pics from oldschool games...
  13. L

    What are Reddit Karma points really good for?

    I currently have about 7,500 Reddit Karma points. Is that good or bad? Besides the fact that you can post in all subreddits with this karma score, are there any other advantages? Are there any advantages if you have really a lot of karma points, like more than 50,000 karma points?
  14. N

    Reddit upvote, accounts and karma farm

    To those of you who work/ have worked with reddit bots. Could you explain what and how exactly did you make karma farm/ bot for account creation/ upvote bot and which proxys did/ do you use?
  15. j3ffb3z0s

    [B9 FREE OFM COURSE] Reddit

    Reddit, a popular social platform with millions of active users, offers a huge opportunity to increase brand awareness and drive traffic. However, the art of Reddit marketing can be quite intricate and demanding. This guide aims to provide you with detailed strategies, tips, and tricks on how to...
  16. jeanfrank

    [Reddit Post and Comment] Have you guys encountered this problem?

    Hi guys, It's weird that I didn't get any rise of post and comment karma. I usually leave a comment under some posts. Plus, I also got "Upvote" from others. The frustrated thing is I haven't got any increase for my reddit post and comment karma from the last year. Is there a problem? Really...
  17. afindsb

    ✅ TWITTER AND REDDIT ACCOUNTS | ☑️ Aged | ☑️ PVA | ☑️ NFT | ☑️ With Karma/Followers | ☑️ Custom and more!

    Hey, BHW mate! Looking to buy top-notch social media accounts? Our store offers a wide selection of high-quality accounts that come at unbeatable prices! We've been using these accounts for successful CPA campaigns, driving social traffic and satisfying our private customers. And now, we've...
  18. O

    Fast Ways To Get Huge Karma On Reddit?

    As The Title Said :anyway:
  19. Reddex

    Reddit 1 Year Old Blank Accounts Only $1 Each!

    We're offering 1 year old blank Reddit accounts for only $1 each! This applies to any number of accounts you buy, there are no additional bulk discounts. The offer is valid only for 12 months old BLANK accounts! Coupon code: REDDEX1 When contacting us or posting in our sales thread, provide...
  20. Rakzs

    [Guide] Reddit Tactics for rapid NSFW account growth

    Welcome to my thread everyone. Today I'll detail how to grow your adult accounts to get high karma from scratch. These aren't some big secrets but for beginners looking into reddit for adult marketing, this guide will go over everything to do to get a lot of karma and followers. Browser Setup...
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