1. jeanfrank

    [Reddit Post and Comment] Have you guys encountered this problem?

    Hi guys, It's weird that I didn't get any rise of post and comment karma. I usually leave a comment under some posts. Plus, I also got "Upvote" from others. The frustrated thing is I haven't got any increase for my reddit post and comment karma from the last year. Is there a problem? Really...
  2. afindsb

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  3. O

    Fast Ways To Get Huge Karma On Reddit?

    As The Title Said :anyway:
  4. Reddex

    Reddit 1 Year Old Blank Accounts Only $1 Each!

    We're offering 1 year old blank Reddit accounts for only $1 each! This applies to any number of accounts you buy, there are no additional bulk discounts. The offer is valid only for 12 months old BLANK accounts! Coupon code: REDDEX1 When contacting us or posting in our sales thread, provide...
  5. Rakzs

    [Guide] Reddit Tactics for rapid NSFW account growth

    Welcome to my thread everyone. Today I'll detail how to grow your adult accounts to get high karma from scratch. These aren't some big secrets but for beginners looking into reddit for adult marketing, this guide will go over everything to do to get a lot of karma and followers. Browser Setup...
  6. GNews

    What's the single best subreddit to farm kama (normal & comment)?

    What's the single best subreddit to farm karma? I mean, we've all had our experiences. What groups would you recommend to get fast points? Normal -- r/News comments -- r/AskMen or r/AskWomen What groups have other members had success in?
  7. N

    Make a reddit post for me with a high karma aged account

    Trying to post a simple task to r/slavelabour which has a minimum karma and age in order to post. Basically looking for someone to post and then send me any pm's that come through. Can pay $5.
  8. Emit


    Selling all types of Reddit accounts! All aged 1+ years Karma: 0-200 - 1$ 200-2,000 - 4$ 2,000-5,000 - 10$ 5000-10,000 - 20$ 10,000 - 25,000 - 30$ 25,000 - 50,000 - 50$ 50,000+ 70$ And others, Message me for negotiations/bulk purchases quotes and special requests. MANY accounts in stock...
  9. AlbertWeskey

    Easy Karma Method

    So I saw a comment by another user on here explaining a easy method for karma which I've tested and was very successful with. I've built upon his methodology and I thought it deserves it's own thread for the learning of others. The nature of redditors The reason this method works so well I...
  10. Reddex

    [Giveaway] 20x Reddit Accounts (1 year old, no post history or karma)

    Hey everyone, I'd like to giveaway some free Reddit accounts - they are 1 year old and have no post history or karma. Requirements: 10 posts on BHW First 20 people to post in this thread, will each receive one account. I will PM you the account details.
  11. Reddex

    ⚛️ Reddit Accounts with Karma & Blank Accounts! | 1-12 Months Old | Bulk Discounts ⚛️

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  12. M

    Do people still buy reddit accounts?

    I've been spending a little time on reddit digging up 5-3 year old content then finding other content just like it and posting. I'm gaining decent karma and am having trouble selling reddit accounts these days. Are there any markers where they sell pretty quickly or is that dead?
  13. TomTheCat

    When Karma hits you...

    As a reminder for those that do adult business, whatever this means, or any other type of business, just read the damn Terms of Service / Privacy Policies so your hosting / business won't have any issues. Those are there for a reason!
  14. verwest

    How Do You Karma Earn It?

    Hello, I wanted to share with you here as I have experienced it myself. I explain what you need to do to earn karma. We go to these very simple communities and find the questions asked on facebook communities or pages or on Quora. Then you ask in the communities on reddit as if you have...

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  16. kd199121

    Increase Reddit Karma

    Its 2022. I used to gain karma like 50 to 100 in a day by posting in subreddits like aww or wallpapers. But now it is not working anymore.. Any new subreddit list or idea to get like 10 to 100 karma in 24 hours ? Thank you -
  17. Juhku

    KarmaPharma High-Quality 4G ⬆ Karma Boosted Reddit Accounts ⬆

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  18. hello_world:)

    how can i make money from my REDDIT accounts using CRYPTOMOONSHOTS !

    hi. so I have 4 high-quality Reddit accounts all 4 years old with 4k to 15k karma all hand grown. i use to work with a guy. I was posting for him every day on CRYPTOMOONSHOTS using my accounts but now he stopped doing this. anyway, where can I find clients to post for theme! i tried some...
  19. Degen

    Reddit mini guide ( from karma till monetization )

    #001 Gaining karma Requirements to avoid getting banned Verify your account (recommended) not hard and can be done within a minute VPN (not necessary) If you start to use a VPN from the start your account will have random IP on every login, which will help you keep under the radar and keep...
  20. noellarkin

    How To Manually Warm Up Your Reddit Accounts

    I've tested this on 150+ reddit accounts so far, and it works like a charm. Check out the popular subs like r/AskReddit. Read through every post on the front page, and go through all the comments. What you want to do is to first get a really good feel for the emotional tenor of the posts on a...