jw player

  1. hanschristian

    How to download a video from a JW Player?

    Hi there, I'm trying to download this JW Player video: https://nuuuppp.bio/watch/xVOAIqH8gZbKXM5SLhktdCbp4Xc8CybuyLpUUIqejeA?h=&best=t And tried all the possible ways: No Brave/Chrome extension is working. Neither the great DownloadHelper for Firefox. No way to download it from Firefox > URL...
  2. M

    How to install JW Player? Is JW Player free?

    I wanna play videos with JW Player. Videos are hosted on an external server. If possible, what is this? and how can I make this script or whatever it is? The site is using the script to play videos with JW Player which are hosted externally. Last question: Do I need to pay for JW Player?
  3. esi0411

    [Ask] Anyone using jwPlayer for moviesite? do you pay it?

    I all i use JwPlayer for play video at my moviesite , and currently i got this massage via email, anyone using jwplayer and do you pay it?
  4. D

    Downloading JW Player Videos

    Recently I bought an online course, but it's subscription-based and I cannot afford to keep paying, so I want to download the vids. I could screen capture them, but in that case a lot of quality is lost and it takes a very long time. Here's what happens when I right-click the video...
  5. CeaseFireBlack

    making money with JW player (for content creators)

    has anyone tried the JW player or explain it further ? let's say your business is based on creating videos (videos that your audience actually interested in watching it) so far i know the plan of 1000$ a year will allow you to host ur videos in their server and make video ads appear in the...
  6. manolo12399

    Please give me some Video Player tips and ideas

    Hi I am creating some movie sites, I saw that in my country many sites use jwplayer but not the latest version but an older version and look like they are able to use with movies hosted on google drive. I cant find a way to make it work, for me. Do you know any player that work with google...
  7. A

    How to play a google doc file on jw player ?

    Hello... I am new to BHW and This is my first thread. well..I want to add jwplayer to a google doc video file. I dont like the youtube player on my video so i need a jwplayer to take the part on it. Please is there anyone know how to do this. ?
  8. N

    [HELP] How to auto pause jw player on wordpress

    Hey guys I need your help for those who use the jw player on their wp site I wanna know how to auto pause the video when it is on 30mins. for example I start the video then after 30mins. running it will auto pause Thanks
  9. xLoKuMx

    Integrate veetle.com live streams in JW Player or Flowplayer!

    I need someone to show me a way or code me something to play live streams from the following sites on my website in my own player. (I don't care which one, Flowplayer, JW, etc.) http://www.veetle.com/ http://www.ustream.tv/ http://www.justin.tv/ Veetle is very important for me, Justin.tv and...
  10. T

    I need someone to setup JW player

    I need someone to setup JW player for me on a demo site. I'm using wordpress and the Thesis Theme. I want to take the same video and setup different instances of the player with the various bells and whistles. PM me and I'll provide the details.
  11. dietbird

    WP Guardian and JW Player

    Hi, guys I've been using WP Guardian for some time now and haven't had any problems that I haven't resolved with the help of blackhatzen. Anyways, now I stumbled into something and I don't know how to get around it. I use WPG to pop up in front of videos on my site. The videos are not hosted...
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