jr. vip membership

  1. HiQ

    how to make money in BHW

    Hello everyone when I always review forums for the last month, for example, I find a large percentage of violators of the sale rules: " Banned - Selling via PM " Well, what happens after this? I am sure that they come back to register again and then violate the rules again and so on. Do...
  2. X-Fact

    New Desigh for BHW and New Color for Me :)

    The new design of BHW 2.0 looks just amazing. I really look forward to explore all the new functions here... but now enough about BHW 2.0 let's talk about my new color - blue! It is easy to explain why I have now decided to join the VIP group. I've been a member of BHW for a few years now...
  3. Brickbat1

    Jr VIP: The journey so far..yes well worth it to me..Your thoughts?

    So yesterday was my one year anniversary as a Jr VIP member of BHW.I renewed the membership without a moment's hesitation. Its been an interesting one year, learning, experimenting discovering and of course making money. It really has been worth the subscription and if you are looking on the...
  4. akshay_saini

    I am now Jr. VIP

    Hi, So good to see Blue badge on my profile :) I registered on BHW in Aug 2019, but more active/interacting on Forum since last month and I have found that the information is endless. Everyone is so willing to help and share knowledge/experience. Thanks to all. Happy to Join the blue badge team...
  5. AdeelAfz

    PayPal just doesn’t let me pay for jr. vip

    i don’t know why but paypal just doesn’t let me pay for membership i have tried multiple browser with & without vpn but still no sucess any other way to pay jr. vip membership with paypal ?
  6. Digital Web Zones

    How much earn after premium Account

    Hey I want know about this market place. How much earn after upgrade account
  7. Xpert_IT_Lab

    If I upgrade to Jr. VIP...

    If I upgrade to Jr. VIP and If I want to sell my product then Whats the way to sell them? I'm not clear about selling product in BHW. Any suggestions?
  8. Digioner

    Jr. VIP and Marketplace Thread

    Dear, I have read many resources about Jr. VIP. I have planned to upgrade my accounts from free to paid as Jr. VIP rank. I am ready to pay $97. After getting Jr. VIP, I will open a marketplace thread for selling services. I know it's price $37 for single post per year. Everything is clear to...
  9. Bigblast

    What are benifits of Jr. VIP Membership

    what access I can get after upgrading my account as Jr. VIP Membership?
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