1. IG Growth

    Modify the class of an element in Wordpress

    Hello friends, I need help with a code for a web page that I am creating. I am creating it by means of a plugin that is complete shit (Unyson) what happens is that I need to change a class of one of its elements, when I try to do it directly from the HTML of the Wordpress editor everything loses...
  2. Myst3ry

    [HAF] Someone to fix a small jquery issue

    I need someone to fix something on a site of mine. I can pay on PayPal. Budget: $5
  3. kurosaki4d

    How to add no follow to specific links with Javascript?

    Hello, I have some cloaking affiliate links in pages to which I would like to add the attributes of nofollow. However, I'm looking for a way in coding that will allow me to target links that contain specific string, like /go/pluto I was hoping someone might provide me with something that may...
  4. Veil123

    [FREE] Fixing -HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, C#- problems

    Hey, hey! I see a lot of members having problems with their website(s) lately, asking tons of questions regarding the problems they occur and they usually open HAF threads offering few bucks for someone's help. To help those in need, I am offering my expertise and assistance for the BHW...
  5. SEOWhat

    PHP programmer for one project

    Looking for PHP, MySQL, JQuery programmer for one project for my client. He needs following: " The website should be able to calculate how many solar panels it fits on your roof And it should use the geo location to estimate if the position of the roof is standing good for the sun It should...
  6. Tokzy wonder

    Hi everyone, I am new here

    Hello everyone, I am tokzy wonder from Nigeria, I am a fullstack programmer with skills in php, laravel, JavaScript, bootstrap, jquery,css,HTML and Python. Hoping to gain more knowledge from these great community and also acquaint myself with great minds here.
  7. M

    Looking for someone to Scrape Interactive Map on Website

    Hi BHW, Can someone help to scrape data of an interactive map embedded on a Website? I require the store location, phone, email, contact person and address details listed on each pin from the interactive map.
  8. unsungwarrior

    Hiring a web/wordpress developer/designer

    I have several projects going on and need a web developer with good expertise in wordpress/php (primarily) plus html/css/jquery/javascript/bootstrap/responsive design. Experience with web design/graphic design would be a plus. Need someone for long term. Please PM me your rates per hour or...
  9. R

    Need to modify simple script to work in IE $20

    I have a simple javascript that turns sound on and off on a vimeo video that is muted and autoplays. It works on all web browsers but IE. Need code modified to work in all browsers or wrote in jquery to work in all browser.
  10. Northstarr

    Website Audit

    Hi All, I’m looking for someone to audit my landing pages for any malicious scripts, traffic redirect scripts, popunder or hijacking scripts. I want a report of what was changed from the original. For quality control so I know if something was indeed changed. This will be on an ongoing basis.
  11. iloveubanij

    Looking for a specialist in nginx,Jquery,requirejs

    Want to create a bot which will automatically access the message from a friend and according to it it will answer in the same language the message has been received. Let me know If anyone is interested in this.
  12. aslanjan

    Do I need to be a web developer to do web design?

    I know that web development and design are interconnected spheres, but web development is about programming and design is about styling, drawing, etc. So do I need to learn those "fancy" programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery (and so on) to become a good web designer? And what...
  13. Jangga

    Css/js on scroll animation bug.Kindly help a learner

    Please guys. I'm working on making an animation on an element as soon as the user sroll his browser window downwards but I've tried countless times and it refuse to work . I'm giving up already pls help me....pls help watever way u can Html page structure <! Document> <html> <head> <Script...
  14. jetiz

    [CSS/Jquery HELP] Menu dropdown not rolling up on mobile view!

    Hi, So one day suddenly the one-page website menu stopped rolling up on selection in mobile view? Once we select the menu option, the open drop-down menu should close and the user should be taken to that section. Not able to figure out the issue. Need css/jquery help! Refer url...
  15. MijoRio

    Email animation

    Hi guys. I want to create an animation that displays in an email but I haven't found out how to do it yet. I only have experience making animations that are hosted on either my server or someone else's, I'm not quite sure what the process is for email. I code in HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery to code...
  16. The Curator

    How to Create a Query Generator on My Website

    Had a couple of questions; What does it cost to do something like this? https://www.optimizesmart.com/10000-search-engine-queries-for-your-link-building-campaign/ http://tools.buzzstream.com/link-building-query-generator What script would something like this be created in? Appreciate any insight!
  17. F

    Hi BHW

    Hi guys, I'm from romania and my name is Florentin and I'm a php developer at pixteller.com :)
  18. D

    Who can solve/automate this kind of captcha ?

    Who can solve/automate this kind of captcha ? The hotspot circles in the images change after each reload of the image their position. In addition, the captchas are valid only a few seconds. Hint: if you click on the wrong point, the captcha dissapears/ is completely hidden / and your...
  19. C

    is it illegal to copy jquery from other sites?

    total newbie here, im trying to copy the jquery slider from this site acme.in it seems to be a paid jquery, themepunch revolution slider. so will i land in trouble if i copied the slider from there and used it in my site, i already got it to work on localhost? thank you in advance.
  20. S

    Looking for javascript programmer

    Hello, I would like to hire a programmer mainly regarding javascript related work regarding videojs, like implementing new functions/plugins and working with vast tags. If anyone interested PM me. Looking forward to working with you.