1. N

    What NFT´s are you HODLing?

    Do you believe in the NFT ecosystem and what it can do to change the world or is it a fashaaaaad... Personally, I believe the NFT space is in the baby phase, and most people don´t know what or how it can help all transactions... It´s not only good-looking Jpegs...
  2. Viola Frolova

    Shifting from JPEGs to WebP images

    It seems like google is giving priority to WebP images now and I'm thinking of converting all the JPEG images to WebP. I have a doubt. I only see prioritized WebP images only on google but not on Bing or Yahoo. It looks like it's not a good idea to change the image format of sites that has...
  3. Saru Shrestha

    Image format

    What type of image format do you think is good for posting on Facebook? JPEG, PNG or SVG?
  4. G

    [Req] Program to cut images out of websites

    Hey All, I just got a new laptop and I used to have a program on my old one that enabled me to click and drag around anything on my screen and save it as an image. Problem is... I don't remember were I got it or the name of it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)
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