journey android apps

  1. Yasser Addadi

    My journey With Google Play Since 2015

    I made this post for all the reskinners to share their Informations, results and solutions with the new onces in this field, and starting with me I'll share all my knowledge and also my results with the aim of assisting the other new members. Feel free to ask, and I wish that we could talk more...
  2. danpoletaev

    My journey in making android apps, advertising and making money from them

    Hello, Dear friend! Last year ago I learnt programming android apps and making games. I already have one app in a play market. I spent 6 moths doing it, lots of sleepless nights....Mmmm, that was awesome. Actually, It was hard for me, but interesting. I wanted to give up many times, but thanks...
  3. Archikan

    Reskinning android apps, Moroccan journey to 150$/day by January 2018

    Helloo Guys ♥ First, sorry for English, I am not native speaker, but im gonna try to be better in the future :) Its my first journey, & my first post too, I have now 2 Google Play accounts with 10-12 apps per account, with a 20-30$ revenue per day GOALS: - Upload in Google Play Store 60...