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  1. G

    Hello, I'm new.

    Hello, I am a recent cybersecurity/computer science graduate searching for jobs and experience. I've been a freelance developer for over ten years, but I am struggling to find a job. I am seeking remote work due to medical issues and have applied for 500+ jobs. Only a handful responded, "We are...
  2. giftedstan

    Seeking for Advice

    Hi Fellow BHW members, I have some problems, I am very confident in writing Python/Django and a few js frameworks, but I'm a Nigerian and local jobs here pays very less, by less I mean a mid level Dev earning $100 per month, so I can't go for them, please comment suggestions on how I can get...
  3. meemoroon

    My back ground, journey and goals.

    Haroon is an enthusiastic entrepreneur born and raised in the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). From 2014 to 2018, he pursued professional education in Malaysia. As a hobby and means of gathering experience, he travelled to various countries, including Dubai, Singapore, Pakistan, Malaysia, and...
  4. K

    Looking for US\UK Based Beta - Testers to verify a landing page

    Hi all I am looking for people who can help me verify that my page is seen properly on the following countries : US \UK. The task is fairly simple. Go to my page - Enter details (I won`t spam or user your email don`t worry) And let me know how it went. Paying for each submission via paypal. If...
  5. K

    Are there any chat jobs or companies paying for virtual profile making?

    I was wondering if anyone here knows of any serious company paying for making virtual profiles to for example adult dating sites? I have worked with adult chat the last 5 years, where I also am making profiles, but the profile pay is low, and its a weekly minimum of messages per week I need to...
  6. S

    To Earn By Micro Jobs Help

    Hi, Can any one suggest me which is the right place to earn some money as like fiverr, micro workers. As you all know that now a days fiverr is not supporting some social media gigs. also not supporting some other gigs. If you know the right place then please tell me here. Thanks
  7. R

    Looking for a top level coder with movie streaming site and cloning experience.

    Looking for a top level coder that has experience with movie streaming sites and specifically the cloning of them. Ideally we want a top level programmer that in addition the above has has extensive knowledge with Google drives and can create a bot to automate the process
  8. S

    Hiring a Sales Person - High Commission Paid. On going Work.

    If you are interested in the below job, or have questions, please PM me. Thank you. Job scope : A. Find strong leads. Weeding out those who are not interested in our services. B. Sell our services to potential clients either by phone or by e-mail. Many will be warm leads! What you will be...
  9. jmsks33

    Manual Posting Services Needed for our Web Directory

    We have changed completely the platform of our web directory, and during this process we have lost the data with more than 4800 sites and business that were registered with us in the past. Now we must take it back from the beginning... What we need is few people to find and ad new businesses...
  10. X

    Need!!! Freelancers to post gigs on fiverrr clone. $2 per gigs posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello I recently changed scripts from pricerr to fiverrscript. In relaunching site I need to fill the site with quality freelancers. So I turn to the great and talented people of BHW to help me out. Steps1) Post as many quality gigs as you can think of.2) Contact us using contact form with your...
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