1. GringoMonkey

    ●[JV] ● You build and manage a Jewelry Store, I bring customers

    I am looking to partner with someone who: Has or can build a womens jewelry ecom store Can source jewelry products that we can sell at sub $30 each Will manage the store / handle order processing If you can do that, get in touch as i have have quite a unique way to bring in customers.
  2. Captaintj

    [JV] My Product + Your Marketing = $

    Venture - It is a Silver Jewelry Business - Bracelets and Rings (Unisex) | Average Price - $300-$600 Per Bracelet sold!. We make good sales locally, now looking to expand the sales to online. Website - The website is made in WordPress. This is not drop shipping...
  3. B

    Need Jewelry Supplier

    Hello, I need a jewelry supplier (country does not matter). You MUST have a wide range of product offerings. DM me your catalogue or website.
  4. G

    My refinery business and your dental clients

    Hi guys, If you have dentists as clients (jewelries would work too), we could do a partnership where you get a % of the dental scrap returns. I recycle dental implant metals, and you can easily get a passive income extra from current clients. Message me for more info!
  5. FistFullOfCash

    Making Jewelry for Sale On Etsy/Shopify

    So Ive contemplated doing this for some time, but decided to give out my idea here instead of move forward with it since its not as passive or scaleable as Id like... I stumbled upon this stuff called "Precious Metal Clay" which is available in Silver or Gold (22K and so on). The stuff looks...
  6. shapo86

    Buying instagram shoutout

    Hi everyone I made a dropshipping jewelry store on shopify and I want to buy a shoutout in this niche The purpose of this is driving some traffic to my store so I can get some sales or at least test my store design and products I want to target USA and Canada What should I do ?
  7. Sagat77

    Looking for an affiliate network to promote my family owned jewelry shop

    Hello guys, My family runs a jewellery company that makes traditional handmade silver jewellery for 30 years now. I have helped them create an online shop via shopify. And now I am looking forward to join a reliable affiliate network to promote our products. All content in our website and...
  8. William702

    Make Money Selling Vintage Jewelry on Etsy

    Hey there. Are you looking to make some easy money selling items on Etsy? The easiest things to sell on Etsy in my experience are small items that can be given as gifts. For this reason Jewelry is a good starting point. However making items by hand can cause a bottle neck fast if you are...
  9. L

    I Need Niche Guest Posts

    Hi, i need a lot of niche guest posts, my niche is jewelry/fashion/women/wedding/shopping. If you have more than 10 sites, please pm me or reply me. Also i need sidebar or footer links if the metrics are good. I love the niche guest post sites as this screeshots: Looking forward to hearing...
  10. F

    Help me sell my jewelry and get 10%

    Hi, if anyone is able to help me sell my 3 help me sell my jewelries i will pay 10% after its sold. All 3 items were vauled at £23k by Earnest Jones im not looking to seel them for that price but at least a decent price. i was thinking of one way of doing it but that person would need to have...
  11. T

    How to Sell Luxury Maroquinerie Jewelry x Times te price

    Hi BHWs, Currently staying in Morocco, i stumbled on a business of Luxury Maroquinerie that has a very high demand in Europe (France, UK, Germany .. ), it is making some businesses millions of "Euros & Pounds" right now, being able to speak french, i spent the few last months making firends...
  12. BestAdNetworks

    I Need ideas for this domain: Shops.Diamonds ? How to monetize ?!

    Hi All I have a beautiful domain : Shops.Diamonds I want monetize this domain, but how can i do?!!! I have not any jewelry store. I can use jewelry affiliate programs?! This is good ideas?! Please share your ideas with me. Thanks ♥
  13. L

    Anybody who wholesale / drop ship southwestern American Indiana art, Jewelry or paintings.

    Looking for anybody who wholesale / drop ship southwestern American Indiana art, Jewelry or Paintings I never look or suppliers like this before a little strange. PM on here brand new on here. Michael Ladd hard to respond until i get 15 post or more. Sorry!!
  14. M

    Jewelry: Last high quality fashion jewelry items to make money with

    Hello There is currently an heavy demand on name necklaces, name jewelry specialties and other quality fancy jewelries. You have the traffic or know how to generate it - we have the products and know how to convert. Good conversion , fair commission, product feeds, and dedicated support. Any...
  15. O

    Help in making affiliate program for my jewelry

    Hi all, I own a jewelry factory. I have a magento website. How to start doing it?
  16. kiggd

    Affiliate Program for Jewelry

    I opened up an online shop, found a designer who has made high quality earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. In order to help boost sales, we installed an affiliate program on our site. Wanted to see if anyone here is interested in joining to make some money. Commission is 10%. If interested PM...
  17. M

    PANDORA Jewelry Charms Wholesale

    Do you know PANDORA Jewelry? PANDORA Jewelry is the hottest jewelry brand at the moment. Especially women fall in love with them! I can provide you with PANDORA Charms. Drop me a PM if you are interested.
  18. peterbruce

    What You Wear on Your Wrist...

    What watch are you wearing at the moment, or what would you like? I've got an Armani AR2434 right now. Next on the list...
  19. Falrish

    Looking for a Quality Jewelry Supplier

    I am looking for a manufacturer of a targeted type of jewelry. I am looking for quality material, not plated but solid metal. PM me if you can supply solid platinum, gold, sterling silver and stainless jewelry at a very competitive wholesale cost.
  20. E

    If you see attached twenty-three days I would feel

    A man left home to go to work Friday afternoon. This day is payday, so he did not go home, the entire weekend out with the men in the carnival, and spent all his salary. Sunday night he finally returned home, furious that his wife is waiting for him, he did a barrage of curse for nearly two...
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