How to Sell Luxury Maroquinerie Jewelry x Times te price

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    Hi BHWs,

    Currently staying in Morocco, i stumbled on a business of Luxury Maroquinerie that has a very high demand in Europe (France, UK, Germany .. ), it is making some businesses millions of "Euros & Pounds" right now, being able to speak french, i spent the few last months making firends and connections until i made it to the source of the production, workshop owners and workshops where all the luxurious items are handmade, you would think Louis Vuitton style, Before i go on, here is something something you should know, The minimum wage here is exactly $1.4/hour, compared to the US, salaries here can be around $5k/year, the luxurious items are made here with dirt cheap prices, sometimes even lower the gold's actual quote price, so i thought about exploiting this and take advantage of it by setting up an online business a shop or similar before other bigger sharks or whales come and do it, i spent the last five years as a software engineer, and i have no idea about the logistics, inventory management, minimizing shipping costs, and all the necessary stuff to make it work, i have been an incative member some time now, it looks like i can't create a thread, even though maybe that's why i'm posting here to pick up your minds for a second, so all of your ideas/propositions/parnership deals maybe are welcome.

    Stay tuned for posts of some the deals i will be making.

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    This looks good, and I have seen that these cost a lot, show me some pics on skype. Skype is ethinoze