1. Bloodseeker

    I compared Jasper.ai, WordHero.co, and Rytr.me | PS: Rytr SUCKS!

    After wasting a couple of days researching which AI writer works the best, I bought Rytr from an LTD reseller. Many claims that Rytr is the next best alternative to Jasper/Jarvis AI. I tried it and got extremely disappointed. Then I bought WordHero, which is better than Rytr and comes with no...
  2. Hamza Hashim

    How To Rank Ai Content Site?

    Hey everyone, I hope you guys are doing well and great. In march I purchased Jasper (aka Jarvis) and I have the account with unlimited credits that means I can generate unlimited content but (80K) words per day for one user. Now I'm thinking to create one site but don't know which niche or...
  3. AuraMarketing

    Conversion AI to Jarvis AI to Jasper AI - Maybe letting the AI choose a name

    Your favorite writing tool is now Jasper! Maybe letting AI choose a name from the starting would have been better. "When we received the letter from Thanos, I mean Marvel, two thoughts came to my mind: Oh crap, Disney is threatening us... But we have a legitimate argument to use the name in...
  4. kathbura

    Does anybody has Jarvis.ai Unlimited Plan?

    Hi, I am looking for someone who has Jarvis.ai unlimited plan to share a slot with me. Or is there any group buy providing Jarvis now?
  5. Vivekji424

    How to check AI content

    Is there any tool which can detect ai content writing.
  6. Cognitive

    [Beta-Testers] Automated Full Articles Writen by AI | Between 750 & 1750 words |

    We need your feed-back on our latest project: we managed to create an AI module that will generate full articles/ blog posts. Most of the times these articles don't need need further editing (although it will be possible to edit them in one of the modules which are already available in our app)...
  7. Cognitive

    AI Content Writer | GPT-3 Based | Long-Form Article Editor, Blog Post Outlines, Product & Video Descriptions & Many Other Modules

    For best results, we strongly recommend you to check all the below mentioned tutorials before using our AI Writing Assistant. Also, please click on the Help button inside each module of our app in order to get specific instructions and tips related to the module you're using. Refund...
  8. marceeluus99

    [QUESTION] Jarvis vs. Rytr Comparison

    Hello, I'm going deep into those two tools, Jarvis and Rytr and I would like to know your thoughts. Could you make it work for your business or your websites? What about the quality of the texts? I'm all ears
  9. Cognitive

    [Beta Testers] AI Writer - GPT-3 Based - Relevant Content

    Hello BHW, We built a tool that aims to generate long-form relevant and well researched content for blog posts and articles writers. The tool is based and uses various GPT-3 models, just like many other tools on the market right now. However, what makes our tool stand out from the crowd is its...
  10. QuanticIT

    Conversation Ai Jarvis Problem

    How can I write football news article with jarvis? When I tried long form assistant it give me OLD news. Like I type "Write an article about todays game Barca bs Madrid" "Write an article about FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid 15th august 2021 season game linesups team news" Jarvis output was from...
  11. T

    Has anyone tried Jarvis for content creation

    Hello team, has anyone tried Jarvis for content creation. What about quality is it good for the main site or just as like spun content.