jarvee issue

  1. micleclark

    Instagram login issue in Jarvee!

    Hay guys, have you guys experience this kinds issue. I can't login instagram in jarvee using API. But i can login using embedded browser but can't valid it. Every time it says "We Detected An Unusual Login Attempt" i click this was me but still i can't valid it. Overtime it says, this account...
  2. micleclark

    Can't login in Jarvee! Anyone facing This issue?

    Hay, today i can't login any account in jarvvee using API but i can login in EB as well as Browse. Anyone facing this issue?
  3. Iron Sheik

    The Answer To the Jarvee, Automation, and Proxy Mystery?

    Maybe this is not even a mystery to most of you. Perhaps the veteran on here have figured this out months ago. But, I wanted to go ahead and just start a new thread here and create some conversation about this. I have spoken with many different Black Hat users about Jarvee issues and the proxies...
  4. Iron Sheik

    Jarvee, Proxies, and Auto-Post Issues

    Good evening, or good morning if you are on the other side of the globe~ I have been using Jarvee for over a year now and I must say that it has been working out great for me with a particular proxy provider. It has worked so well that I was able to execute 500 follows/unfollows a day with my...
  5. W

    Should i use a VPS or run automation(Jarvee) locally?

    With Instagrams recent blocks on a lot of datacenter proxies i have decided i wanna keep 1 account on a "high-quality" residentail or 4G proxy. I searched online for the types and all i could find were proxies that cost over 100 USD monthly. Should i just buy a cheap laptop(or smartphone if...
  6. jatinddx

    Jarvee stuck at verification loop

    Hi everyone, Its been a week now i shifted to jarvee from GMT2 after using it for a year almost. I am stuck at verification loop for one of my account from last 2 days i have done everything that people recommended like changing the pass of the account, removing it from everywhere else, reset...
  7. jatinddx

    Jarvee Issue with daily like and comment limit

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone faced this error recently? I was using GMT2 from a year now I shifted to jarvee a week ago and everything was working fine with 2 accounts till yesterday. Today i set up 6 accounts in total and started only Follow module with the feature of liking and commenting...
  8. J

    Jarvee not letting me do after action dm on people

    Hey guys, Ive been reading around this forum for a good bit now, and decided today I needed to make account to help with a problem. I am trying to follow people and after I follow them send them a dm. I am using Jarvee for this but for some reason it does not seem to be working. All of my...
  9. shetravels

    Jarvee not doing anything anymore

    Hi there! I just noticed that Jarvee hasn't done anything on the nine accounts I currently bot since six days. Can you help me figure out what the problem is? This is the current situation Jarvee runs on an EC2 micro from Amazon AWS - rebooting it did not solve the issue All the accounts are...
  10. W

    Jarvee is not stop following people at a certain point error

    Jarvee is not stop following people after 110 follows jarvee stopped following. yesterday it was 17 86 it stopped following, but yet kept unfollowing. there was no blocks from instagram or anything. Have this happend to anyone else?
  11. P

    Jarvee doesn´t post.

    I have got a Jarvee account on a VPS up and running. Like, Follow and Unfollow all works but the automated posting doesn´t. I had to manually click on post on the campaign section in the beginning but now that doesn´t work either. Now I log into every single account whenever I have to post...
  12. cantaloupe

    IG Email keeps reverting

    I am doing basic F/UF and posting on a client's account right now with Jarvee and keep running into issues with the account locking me out and hitting email verification every couple of days. I've changed the email AND phone number numerous times to one that I have access to, but EVERY TIME the...
  13. W

    Jarvee wont let me add accounts to follow.

    I am trying to enter accounts for "follow user who have interacted with targeted account, but everytime i press add, i do not see the account added to the list?
  14. M

    Jarvee problems

    hi everyone I have 4 accounts that I’m starting with. Two that were 3 months old, One that 4 months old and one that’s 2 years old. I’ve lost all but the two year old account. Instagram disabled them. I am using ssl for proxies on each and conservative settings using Jarvee. When I say...
  15. ThatBritishGuy


    Does it seem like no matter what you use, reposting on Instagram seems to be the beginning of the end for a lot of my accounts with pva becoming very frequent. I've created my own off of 4g and I've purchased aged accounts. Some survive but will typically get a pva after each repost. I've...
  16. Wakanoid

    Jarvee Issues giving me a headache

    Hey guys! I'm still new to the whole Instagram marketing/account growth industry, and I've been learning Jarvee while starting on growing 10 accounts. However, Jarvee has given me a couple hiccups that have taken up a bunch of my time. The first is the re-post function. At first, it would never...
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