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  1. J

    Jarvee contact tool

    Hi guys, I used to scrape profiles with jarvee via contact tool, about 1-1,5k profiles scraped per account per day. Since 1-2 days ago, I can't scrape more than 100 per account, and api calls have increased like 10x Anyone experiencing something similar?
  2. T

    Simpler Jarvee Alternative?

    Ok so I set up a site that sells Instagram automation services and I got my first client. Great. I am currently using jarvee to automate this client's account but I'm having all these issues and problems getting it set up. Is there a web-based platform or something easier to use instead of...
  3. I

    Blocks on Jarvee

    Hey everyone, I got a lot of block on my accounts(some of them before they starting to do actions). My settings are configured by Jarvee best practice(Max 10 follow per hour) and the hours are randomized. Someone here can provide some more inforamtion about this blocks? Maybe my proxy provider...
  4. T

    Is jarvee the problem?

    What has been your experiences with jarvee since the waves of updates? And for those not using jarvee what has been your experience with other bots? I'm wondering if jarvee leaves footprints or is part of the problem. Obviously responses will be appreciated from people using human like...
  5. F

    How can I get Instagram comments to work with Jarvee?

    Hello, I've tried comments with API but it got me a lot of phone verifications. Then I switched to embedded browsers only and it says it posted. But Instagram deletes it. I did really slow settings, like 7-10 per day. I know automating comments still works, because the posts my accounts are...
  6. T

    Is it the beginning of the end for automation?

    I may be a noob on my profile but I'm a long time lurker and been aware of blackhatting on insta for some time. Automation software like jarvee is great when it pays for itself, but with the current updates that is not the case. I am wondering if it's time to end my subscription and run my main...
  7. Iron Sheik

    The Answer To the Jarvee, Automation, and Proxy Mystery?

    Maybe this is not even a mystery to most of you. Perhaps the veteran on here have figured this out months ago. But, I wanted to go ahead and just start a new thread here and create some conversation about this. I have spoken with many different Black Hat users about Jarvee issues and the proxies...
  8. I

    IG + Jarvee: Three follow blocks in a row

    Hello, I'm trying to fix this problem with Jarvee support but I start to believe that is going towards a dead end. I use Jarvee for an IG account created in the end of November 2018, linked with a business page on FB, and my business website in my IG bio. Jarvee is set to work only with...
  9. jatinddx

    Jarvee Issue with daily like and comment limit

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone faced this error recently? I was using GMT2 from a year now I shifted to jarvee a week ago and everything was working fine with 2 accounts till yesterday. Today i set up 6 accounts in total and started only Follow module with the feature of liking and commenting...
  10. W

    Jarvee is not stop following people at a certain point error

    Jarvee is not stop following people after 110 follows jarvee stopped following. yesterday it was 17 86 it stopped following, but yet kept unfollowing. there was no blocks from instagram or anything. Have this happend to anyone else?
  11. P

    Jarvee doesn´t post.

    I have got a Jarvee account on a VPS up and running. Like, Follow and Unfollow all works but the automated posting doesn´t. I had to manually click on post on the campaign section in the beginning but now that doesn´t work either. Now I log into every single account whenever I have to post...
  12. R

    Jarvee - Password Rest on Instagram

    Hi guys! I've been using Jarvee for almost a year and in the last weeks I've been experiencing some troubles. I have now three accounts running, with non agressive settings, Highproxies only working with one account per proxy. I've been receiving every days Instagram Notifications to Reset the...
  13. Iron Sheik

    Cheapest/Best SIM Cards For Instagram Verification

    Hey Black Hat World, I am a junior social media marketer and Jarvee user looking for the best and most affordable SIM cards for the purpose of phone verification and posting content on Instagram. To provide a little bit of context-- Initially I used Jarvee as my main tool to schedule posts...
  14. P

    Jarvee Yellow Icon

    Hey, i got a little questions about the jarvee follow tool. Sometimes in the Tools section the "i" turn yellow. When i point my cursor at it it says "No more results for source xxx". Does this mean that there are no results for any of the sources or does it mean only no more results for the...
  15. T

    Best Jarvee IG warmup settings for new client

    hello. I’m havung a hard time setting up new clients in Jarvee. What are the best warmup setting if they have an aged IG account. I keep getting blocks & pv’d.
  16. O


    Does anyone have tested, effective ways of getting rid of like blocks? Have tried turning off all source of likes (like after following, like, comment like, etc) and resetting device ID but it still remains. Any suggestions/solutions?