1. bbbb bbbb

    Downgrade Jarvee??

    I wanna downgrade my subscription on Jarvee...Will i loose the info and accounts i got on the platform now?? Like will i have to restart?? I would hope not.... if so is there a way to back all that up?? and import when i downgrade??
  2. D

    No longer going to simply lurk, but take action. A few questions

    I'm going to work on two methods at the same time because I have the time. Grayhat Instagram and micro-niche sites. Regarding finding keywords for the site, should I pay for kwfinder or buy them from here? I'm a near-total noob. There's also Jaaxy and other tools, and there seems to be little...
  3. L

    Any thoughts on Jaaxy?

    Hello everyone! I'm a complete newbie on IM and I was searching for a good keyword research tool. I came across Jaaxy, I tried it, and I found it really newbie-friendly. Maybe I'm just paranoid but I wonder if this tool is really accurate on the data it provides, or if it is just a waste of time...
  4. L

    New Keyword Tool Jaaxy

    There's a new keyword tool that launched yesterday called Jaaxy. Has anyone else tried it? They're doing $1 trials for 7 days and $19/mo thereafter. I checked it out and it seems pretty easy to analyze keywords. The one thing I don't like is that the results are based on global monthly...