1. D

    Hello BHW

    Hi to anyone open this thread, i m daerek, if search my can find out, i haven’t nothing to hide for now; i m a young guy who trying to become a good piece of this world. I born with a pc becouse my father love him, and i too like for good music. I’m happy if someone help me to find out some good...
  2. A

    I'm looking for Italian Backlinks

    Hello….I have a site that operates locally, more precisely it concerns a beauty salon that operates mainly in my region/province. I'm looking for Italian Backlinks in the beauty niche. Any offer or advice that will allow me to increase the rank with 5/8 keywords? For offers please contact me...
  3. bingoslayer


    If you are or know an Italian postman hit me up.I have a big money offer for you.
  4. Chipicao

    Movie Streaming Sites For Sale ❗ HUGE database ❗ ✅Domain ✅Host

    Because many of you after reading My Journey, send me too much questions how to build movie streaming site i decide to try other way to monetize my Wordpress streaming sites. As you can see im running many streaming sites and i monetize them very well for now, yes there are days when google...
  5. yayapart

    Marketplace for .it Domains with Backlinks?

    Hey guys, so I plan to start a project for the Italian market and wondered where to buy .it domains with history? First I looked at Godaddy auctions but I noticed that they don't offer .it domains. After that I checked SEDO but they only have a few Italian domains on their marketplace. Maybe...
  6. TheItalianJob

    Instagram Italian likes and followers??

    Hi guys! Does anybody know if there's some provider here on BHW for italian likes and followers on Instagram? Thanks:)
  7. N

    Need Guest Posts Arabic/Spanish/French/Portuguese/Italian

    I'm looking for guest posts in the languages listed below: - Arabic - Spanish - French - Portuguese - Italian Primarily Finance/Business/News/Tech/General websites. Have a good budget. If you have any of these languages please send me your list: [email protected]
  8. G


    Hi everybody, I just gor one of the keywords packages from one of the BHW members for an italian website . I got the whole report and keywords and guide on how to use it, the service was very good but unfortunately i dont get how to put those keywords into the website. I believe writing useful...
  9. Davegnima

    How can I get link from news websites?

    My competitors have many citations by local news sites. How can I get that too? I can’t use any press release service on BHW as I’m looking for Italian news websites (.it) only. Can anyone help me?
  10. A

    Marketing to eastern european women

    Hello. I've looked around here and I'm looking for some advice on marketing to women from eastern european places. Places like russia or romania or italy. I have a product that could be sold to them that just needs exposure. Ideas I have so far: Get a few ig accounts, make them fashion themed...

    Italian Beauty Blogs Needed

    Hi there, I need links from Italian beauty/health blogs. If you have one or can sell me articles in such blogs please PM me. I don't need PBNs only real quality blogs.
  12. K

    Hi all blackhat

    I am an Italian looking for a breakthrough. will it be the right time? :D

    German, Italian, Adult Links Needed

    Hi I have 3 websites that need linking to: 1. Nutra site in Italian 2. Cryptocurrency website in German 3. Adult website (English) If someone can offer me links in any of the 3 categories please PM me. We have a good budget and do serious business.
  14. darwin33

    [BUY] EU Residential Proxies needed

    I want to buy EU (Spanish, Portugues, Italian, French, German, UK, Austria) Residential proxies for review posting in different forums and platforms. Looking for stable proxies, would like to avoid changing the proxy for same username posting. Can you guys suggest: 1). Sellers of residential...
  15. acotut

    European SEO - German - French - Italian - U.K - Unique Strategies Only!

  16. M

    Hello, Hallo, Ciao BHW :)

    Hello Amazing community of BHW :) I joined this awesome forum last year, I found it because I was searching for "paid advertisement". I was observing the forum for a while, I was ready to start applying all the great tips that I found on this forum. At the end, I never did that because I...
  17. J

    Looking for PR in Italy

    Hi, i have a website that i want to rank a little to start with in Italy. Any suggestion please? I am looking for quick solutions PR links is ok, but must be in italy... any idea? thanks
  18. F

    Tiered link building - Autofill magic

    I want to set a tiered link building strategy for many sites: generally I don't work on very competitive niche and I'm in the italian market, which is less competitive. In most case a tier 1 with a little tier 2 is fine. I want to set a process that I can fully control and outsource to different...
  19. ad1991

    Italian Trafic

    Hello is anyone interested in a collaboration, I want italian trafic in a blog. I work with adsense but I want to publish my blog even more. If someone is interested and can bring traffic to my blog I will pay him. Please let me know
  20. denchik

    Looking for Italy links from *.it domains

    Hi guys! I'm looking for italian links (from *.it domains). Can anybody offer me smth?
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