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  1. B

    me binshad. Digital marketing professional from kerala, kochi

    Hi Team, I'm Binshad IT Proffessional with 12 years of experience specializing IT business development for international companies. I can implement effective strategies at local and global levels. My greatest strength is business awareness, which enables me to bulding campaigns and brands from...
  2. Baba6

    I welcome myself to the forum of indigenous of internet

    Hello one and all, old and new, short and tall, I am Baba based out of India.
  3. owaisjwd


    Is the IT becoming more complex in this complex world?
  4. plasmeus

    Making My Digital Marketing Agency Profitable

    Hello everyone, As the title suggests, I currently own an agency. The reality of the situation is as follows: I have an LLC filed under the name I would like to use for a marketing agency. I actively use the LLC as the holding company for my Doing Business As (DBA) and the DBA is how I...
  5. N

    System administrator / IT consultant

    please delete it, i didnt read the rules.