1. Leastslow

    ✈️✈️ $0.9 Sprint ISP Proxies ☑️ Unlimited Bandwidth & Threads ☑️ Blazing Fast 20ms Static Residential Proxies ☑️ Auto-Delivery ✨ 55% OFF ✨

    Contact Details To contact our support & sales team please join our discord server at and open a ticket. Refund Policy We have a strict no-refund policy unless the proxies are absolutely non-working (ex: downtime). F.A.Q. Q) Can I pay with crypto? A) Yes...
  2. lyme


    REPLY I WANT PROXIES.FO FOR BHW DISCOUNT FAQ: 1) How many IPs do our pools have? Residential, 10M as of 2023 27TH feb. 2) Do we have country-specific proxies? Yes, We support over 150 countries, if you need specifics contact live support. 3 )How often does ips rotate? ISP/DC/Resi all rotate...
  3. J

    Creating ISP Proxies, appearing as residentials

    Dear members, I need to create ISP proxies, which appear as "residential" on MaxMind with a low fraud score. I have read about a lot of stuff and learned that I would need to buy a subnet for that and then let an ISP announce my ip addresses. Problem is, where do I find someone who would...
  4. L

    Looking for VPS provider, Baremetal is Dedicated Server

    We are looking for providers (Providers, Datacenter) that provide colocation, Virtual Datacenter, Dedicated Server, Baremetal, VPS services, which can provide Upstream, Downstream, BGP Session service.
  5. F

    Help with ISP proxies

    Hello, I am looking for help on how/where to acquire IPs and get them announced by an ISP. Ideally looking to see if someone can refer to me an IP broker or a company who does this for a living who will help acquire unabused IPv4 space and have that space announced on an ISP to be more...
  6. G

    Fast EU Datacenter/ISPs proxies

    Hello, I'm looking for fast (50-150ms delay) proxies for sneaker botting. Proxies should be unbanned on zalando, courir, asos, aboutyou. I'm not looking for sneakers dedicated proxies as they are sold by resellers (so there must be a way to find providers directly). I'm looking directly for...
  7. J

    ISPs temporary block and Google penalties

    Hi, my site has been blocked by some national ISPs and the block is gradually spreading to other ISPs as well. Do you think I will have penalties in terms of SEO indexing?
  8. W

    Need DC PROXY supplier, can be used for Footlocker restock (not drop)

    A large amount of DC PROXY is required for daily restock of footlocker. It should be able to enter the website smoothly and add products to the shopping cart. The larger the bandwidth of the server to which the proxy belongs, the better, usually 500 proxy needs to start more than 2000 tasks If...
  9. P

    Looking for help with ISP proxies.

    I am looking for someone that can help me understand how to source and host ISP proxies mainly for sneaker botting, from the research I have done on my own, what I think has to happen is you lease IPv4's, for the ISP network, then host them, I am mainly looking for them to work on sites like...


    Hi bhw people, is there anyway for website owner to prevent their website from getting blocked by ISP? i dont really have much issue about SEO to rank on page 1. But the only problem here is ISP keep blocking website. If there is someone who know how to prevent this, please share and im sure it...
  11. S

    How to access origin server to file DMCAs

    Trying to send DMCA takedowns with three big web cam ripping premium websites. All demands are ignored and their real ISPs are hidden behind servers, like cloudflare. I figure most places are based in Romania and Panama, and thus out of jurisdiction for potential arbitration. However, some must...
  12. thebotmaker

    Ever worry about privacy?

    Of course, being an internet marketer has its benefits. However, knowing that (hypothetically): Your links / backlinks to other pages will be stored forever All the emails that you've sent / others have sent about you will be stored forever Possibly there are traces of you all over the...
  13. wano

    Receiving Warning Emails From My ISP

    Hey everybody. Lately, my parents have been complaining about getting emails from our ISP saying that scamming/spamming has been reported against our IP. My parents have been getting these emails for almost a year and a half, however, lately there has been an outburst in emails/reports...
  14. TheSingh

    Need Experienced Web Developer for ISP and Server Management

    Hello! I got a site that i bought from some Russian dude and i have absoluelty no documentation or any idea how to make modifications to the site Here's some pics: But yeah, Got no...
  15. Agent Michael


    Does // BolehVPN // really bypass or lift ISP throttling completely? Working on a project around this. Or any suggestion for another method or VPN is welcomed.
  16. imonboss

    Proxy Services on BHW

    Guys, Can you suggest some proxy Services here in BHW who are selling ISP Proxies? If any seller see this post, Feel Free to send me PM. N.B: Don't tell me to go and try "Search" Button because I already did that and Search Results are utter Bullshit. If you are kind enough then let me know the...
  17. Julia White

    PowerMTA + Google SMTP

    Hello guys! I need to send messages from google smtp. Now I had set up sending from powerMTA port 2525. How I can send smth from another ISP?
  18. cyrax1010

    Can using Scrapebox get you in trouble with isp ?

    I just bought Scrapebox yesterday. And loaded it with 5000 keywords and managed to scrape 140,000 urls from bing. today when i try again using the exact settings, same custom harvester it freezes the window, even if it reaches 100% harvest it just doesnt want to end and remains frozen. and...
  19. KHR

    Any One Making Money with WISP/ WIFI Zone?

    Hello, Is there anyone doing Wifi Business? I need suggestion. Please Advice Me. I have opportunity to get 100/MB Internet Line. So I am planing to make my area Wifi Zone and Money. I want to cover 1 Square Mile and want to sell Data but not Bandwidth. Like: 1GB / $5 / Month. I do not want to...
  20. iamdeadat2017

    [own company] ISP business

    Hello BHW forum. [[ To: Admins >If i post it to unmatched forum plz place it in suitable forum]] I want to start my own ISP business. i just know i have to get a license and a bandwith provier.. i can manage them also. But in discussion of NOC,Technician,Server...
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