iphone 4s

  1. PeriSseou73

    SSH Ramdisk Maker and Loader IOS 7.x to 10.3

    Need Help on how to update of a jar file ssh ramdisk maker & loader from ios 7.x to ios 10.3.
  2. T

    Question about Iphone 4s unlock O2

    Hello guys, First of all im pretty new here and my english isn't that good so excuse me for that. I worked at a company in England and I got a iphone 4s from them to use for business. After 1 year of working there they went bankrupt. I was able to keep the iphone but after 2 days it didn't work...
  3. S

    iPhone 4 / 4S/ 5 Cases customized / personalized - Wholesale and dropship

    Hi All I have ability to make metallic skins for iphones and others (currently i want to stick to iphone), they when applied to back of a plain iphone case give them a stunning look. Metallic skins are very very rare from china so there is no competition. the skin is laminated with a matte look...
  4. S

    [ BHW EXCLUSIVE ] Limited No. of Brand new iPhone 4s (unlocked) units available

    I have purchased Limited number of iPhone 4s units from recently closed NYC mobile Shop, all unlocked, cross checked to verify legitimacy, 16gbs, 32gbs and 64gbs available, only Blacks no whites. Limited units per each size. I have legal obligation that preventing me selling in Asia. So products...
  5. M

    guy gets tased by iPhone during presentation, LOL

    this thing looks sorta cool! I gotta get an iPhone taser case! ZAPPPPP all the haters!
  6. N

    Apple Products and iPhone Cases

    Here is my new thread dedicated to you guys who said we weren't able to get product and we were scammers. Here is what we can get right now, what we are working on getting, and what we have available: We can get: iPad 3's (AT&T and possibly Verizon. Waiting on new prices.)...
  7. N

    Apple Products Wholesale- iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, Macbook, iMac

    Hello fellow BHW members. We are Power One Mobile, wholesalers of cell phones located in Indiana. I know a lot of people on here are always looking for suppliers of Apple products, and especially iPhone 4S. Most of the time, you just find people on here who are trying to scam you. It is...
  8. arplayer2k

    F/S - White Factory Unlocked Galaxy Nexus 16gb GSM

    Hi, I am in the phone business and will be getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus White Factory Unlocked 16gb GSM Version in a day or two. This is the international version as this phone is not released stateside yet. This is not a claim. Selling for $700 each brand new. Will accept payment...
  9. N

    Looking for REAL Apple iPhone Distributors please

    I am looking for a distributor of brand new Apple iPhone 4's and 4S' in all sizes. I need someone who can supply large quantities on a regular basis. I am able to move a lot of units consistently. I will need some company information and documentation to verify your business. It doesn't matter...
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