Apple Products and iPhone Cases

Apr 22, 2011
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Here is my new thread dedicated to you guys who said we weren't able to get product and we were scammers. Here is what we can get right now, what we are working on getting, and what we have available:

We can get:
iPad 3's (AT&T and possibly Verizon. Waiting on new prices.)

iPad 2's 16GB Wifi Only and Wifi+3G (Waiting to see which carrier for the 3G)

Hornettek iPhone 4/4S Cases

Otterbox Universal Defender Case iPhone 4/4S

Working on getting:
HUGE quantities of iPhone 4S (US and Euro Never Locked), iPods, and more iPad 3's.

Currently have:
5 Black iPad 2 16GB Wifi Only $350 each+shipping (SEE THE PICS BELOW)

1,200 Total iPad 3 64GB Wifi+4G LTE AT&T $775 each (PHYSICAL STOCK IN NEW YORK) 400 from one supplier and 800 from another. Sold in bulk only 400 pieces at once or 800 pieces at once. We can also sell all 1,200 to one buyer, but there will be two different locations to pick up from.

If anyone is interested in anything, please let us know. Also, please see the pics below of the 5 iPad 2's we have available right now. Wire transfer only, and product will ship no later than 24 hours after payment is received.​