ip adresses

  1. S

    Can I Setup an VPN for every connection that goes out from my computer?

    Hi, my main problem is I need to change my IP Address at every connection I'm making. Using a normal VPN doesn't solve my issue because I'm going to automate the process with Selenium Webdriver. And I couldn't find a solid way for setting up a VPN on a computer or on Selenium Webdriver :( I...
  2. Mary Herrington

    Itunes Payment Question

    Hi, I'm working on figuring out the system behind using multiple Apple Ids to purchase one song on Itunes to influence the chart. In order to keep Itunes from getting suspicious, I know I have to hide my IP address, and I'm assuming I have to use a different payment method for every account...
  3. TopHat777

    Facebook IP adresses and Account Limits???

    Anyone got any information regarding how many accounts you can have per IP address safely? Is Facebook strict on this kind of thing? Even if you don't know exactly, please share your own personal experience. Anyone have any experience with using proxies and Facebook, or perhaps the TOR network...
  4. Z

    What do you guys use to hide your IP?

    Do you just go to a site like hidemyass to hide your IP or do you use some type of software? and btw do sites like hidemyass really work?
  5. L

    Please suggest a hosting company for blog-farming.

    Please advise me as to a hosting company. This is what I want to do: Farm blogs where each blog has a different IP address (so that google doesn't recognise that I'm blog-farming). My question is: What hosting company and plan can I use to acheive this? (reseller hosting at hostgator for...
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