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  1. J Lyrix

    IG IP address hack for more engagement

    Hey there. I am a rapper who needs help boosting my IG account. Somebody recently showed me a hack where it involves the IP address if im not mistaken. He refuses to tell me though lol. I also think he uses a separate account to post that helps in some way. Im not sure if its through stories...
  2. I

    Do Post scheduling services like buffer, hootsuite, hubspot or later forward your IP to Instagram ?

    Let me explain my scenario properly, I am trying to schedule posts to about 10 odd instagram profiles via buffer from same IP. All these 10 instagram pages are connected to same facebook profile(connecting is mandatory for scheduling). Very often I see for about 50% of my instagram pages, buffer...
  3. helloeddy

    Does the location of my proxy IP have any effect on my Instagram account?

    I'm currently using Blazing Proxies for a number of "USA Dedicated Proxies" I intend to grow some accounts that focus on followers in the UK and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with targeting followers in a different country than your IP. Do you think it matters where you're IP is...
  4. CMG

    IP flagged? Best course of action?

    I noticed that every time I try to find content to scrape off of instagram, the only posts that pop up to me have a very low engagement rate. Is this the new algorithm or is my IP flagged/black listed? (In the past, I didn't know anything about proxies, so I just made a bunch of accounts using...
  5. J

    I have built big accounts, now considering automation / bots

    Hello everyone! I've had good success on IG in the past couple years building accounts without ANY bots or apps. I currently have a few pages all 150,000 or larger that I have built from 0, and have 3-5% engagement. I've done it simply by just being consistent, and really knowing the niche I'm...