1. A

    I want to create an AI business for influencer, where do I get an investor?

    So, After middling on this business model for about 4-5 months, I have analyze different business that I can do with AI, there's a lot, AI automation, AI Assistant, etc. the biggest business model is an AI Automation. But that is not what I'm after, I'm trying to build this business model that...
  2. Brickbat1

    Have you ever lost money online? - be it a scam or a silly investment mistake, don't be shy, tell us the story

    Well a lot of us learnt the hard way from the "University of hard knocks". Like it or not, it has helped shape you to what you are today, so tell us the story, might help a fellow traveler learning how to make money online - or maybe how NOT to make money online. I have had a few experiences...
  3. Software Monster

    My web developer team + your idea and investment

    Hello everyone, Hope this post finds you well. Anyway i have 10 developers team, 6 person backend developer, 2 full stack & rest of front end designer. Am team leader. Recently we have done some great project and in my mind i have lots of idea. But fact is that i am searching reliable one who...
  4. dominyx

    Future Trading Beginner Guide

    I'm new and starting on the journey of Future Trading. Was hoping if there's any guide or advice you guys would give to those starting on the Future Trading.
  5. JonathanFerrari

    Best Way to Invest 100.000 USD - Give your opinion

    This question is in the minds of many users here; probably, most of them are fighting to reach that saving soon and scale what they are doing. Well, folks, you need to know that methods die and things change fast those days, which means if you are working on some method that gives you fast money...
  6. Castamir

    Nigerian banking-as-a-service platform Maplerad raises $6M, led by Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures

    In the latest development, Maplerad, a fintech described by its founders Miracle Anyanwu and Obinna Chukwujioke as a global BaaS player targeting Africa, has raised $6 million in seed funding. According to sources, the U.S.-based Maplerad, which is coming out of stealth, raised the round at a...
  7. M

    The new investor

    I am here to get to know this new community, I love investment and business, I have been working in crypto currencies for several years, especially converting them to cash because the tax in my place of residence is %0 legally and therefore I am looking for investment opportunities completely...
  8. SocialManager

    What's the worst timing you have had in a financial situation?

    It seems like every time I feel close to getting ahead financially, I make the wrong move, or I hold at the wrong time. I was starting to get heavily into crypto in 2016, but got a new job and just didn't have enough time or energy to research. I had cashed out $20 of free ETH because it was too...
  9. R

    Binance, Mana or Sand?

    Which coin would you prefer investing my $10 with 20x Leverage and 90$ on my futures wallet. So it'd be $200 investment with futures, so which coin would you prefer investing? I was thinking about SAND or MANA, I personally like SAND more and any advices would be appreciated. Also, in binance...
  10. H

    Need Advise on small investments.

    Hey Guys, Hope you all doing good. My Name is Harsha, Currently i have a job and pay is not that great but i kept working and cleared some debts. i realized that i cannot settle in life with only this job income. So i want to invest in something which can at least give me small or decent...
  11. mybank

    investing $200,000 usd on gpu mining

    hey everyone so I made my decision and I wanna put my money on gpu mining. I have access to the cheap electricity, so electricity is not a problem. since the bitcoin price is low (right now), I think that the gpu prices are low too (for now), and this is the best time to buy gpus for mining...
  12. papamuerte

    What would you do?

    Let's say you owe someone money (use a rounded number like $1000) and you have one month to pay them back. And let's say 2 weeks in, you have the $1000 ready to payback. Would you a) Make the repayment earlier b) Invest that money somewhere for a profit for 2 weeks and return their initial...
  13. Asayus

    Cryptocurrency iGaming Platform Paying Daily Dividends

    Disclaimer: While I am only promoting the investment opportunity available on this platform, it is first and foremost an online casino and should be treated as such. Coupled with the risks of investing in cryptocurrency, if you do decide to invest your own money, never put in more than you are...
  14. BAPH0MET

    You Could Be a Millionaire if You Did This just imagine if you invested in this shit 60days ago, the return would be crazy, in my opinion cryptos is the fastest way to get rich and also to lose all your funds overnight if you dont know when to sell and when to buy. peace.
  15. jiya raichand

    Best place to invest $ 20000 to 30000

    Hi All, Just wanted some ideas about investment. Where should i invest $ 20000 to 30000. For short as well as long term. Please advise. Thanks in advance :)
  16. Tony$tark

    How I Make $4,000+ Per Month Using Spotify!

    The simple step-by-step method how to make money using Spotify Only 100 copies available! The price is $50 50% discount available for all BHW members! To get discount just post in thread "I want discount" FAQ Q: Does this method require investment? A: Yes. Q: What is minimum investment...
  17. A

    I am (been) looking to start a number of business/projects but don't know where to start and can't get myself to it, any tips and hints.

    I have been meaning to start my own ventures for quite sometime, I started a drop shipping and a POD but wasn't able to move it forward and slowly died down. I am looking to start a blog, a POD site and a investment portfolio for the time being, not necessarily at once but definitely in 2021...
  18. A

    I am planning on starting a few income streams in 2021 and need some advise.

    I am looking got start 3/4 income streams in 2021 and need some advise about the initial setup. I am looking at starting a stock/crypto portfolio, a blogging site and a POD eCommerce store and hopefully grow into more down the road. I am not sure how to layout the questions, but here goes; 1...
  19. m4virus

    5,000 Dollar , but where to start !

    hello guys , In this thread I'm targeting only those who already done it before ,I'm not searching for opinions about what to do with 5K $ , i want this thread to be really helpful to any beginner in online money field . so the main question , is where to start and Be safe? what i meant by...
  20. W

    Seeking advice for Investment suggestions with two scenarios.

    Hi, I will be short in my description. Location: Europe I got 50K to invest. I have two desired scenarios and goals, in order of preference: 1) Passive income, low risk. Passive ways I have tried: a) Deposit to bank. Practically passive income with 0 risk, but returns are too low to keep...
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