1. aegisAOE-age-of-empire

    big fan

    hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm not good at introducing myself. I've been reading this forum for years and I decided today to join, because I got some questions on some posts and could not post as guest. After creating an account, I got dm letting me know I can post a introduction thread. I...
  2. A


    Hi everyone. I'm Adam. I was looking for a website for chili wings air fryer recipes and somehow ended up here. I browsed around and found this website interesting. I'm no expert in computers but I can use Excel and Word.
  3. B

    Good morning everyone BHW

    This is where my adventure in the BHW forum begins.
  4. xProfitable_Projectsx

    Starting, I arrived :)

    Good, I have entered the forum because I have seen seriousness despite the fact that I have been observing from the outside for 3 or 4 months, as I had nothing to offer, you know... today I have a lot to offer and it is really worth entering this forum today, I also want highlight that my native...
  5. BaneWhip

    Greetings from the virtu!

    Greetings fellow members! Wanted to say hello! Been reading the boards for over 10 years now, decided it was time to get social. 420 proud, information junkie, gamer. Can't wait to meet my fellow noobs!
  6. Brain_Drain

    Hi BHW!

    Hi everyone! ;) I'm Brain_Drain and this is my second time creating an account on BHW. I've come across this forum when I was like 15 and back then I couldn't understand the most I read about. Now, some years and experience later, I decided to come back, as a developer now, and dive deep...
  7. D


    Hello folks I am new here, Looking to earn some $$$
  8. AKIRA1

    ★Hi Again !★

    I'm actually not new here in black hat world. to be honest i was having an account here i think in 2017 and for some reasons i forgot the pass and also the email well that not the problem. so yeah i'm sure nobody will read this introduction i just want to post something here. and also i think...
  9. rsakeys

    my introduction.

    sup, i'm brand new & i'm glad i found out about this place. I enjoy making stuff for myself & others.
  10. M

    started my online journey just now

    hello everyone its very nice to join here and i am glad i did i always find the content of bhw very useful , i have recently started making money online in my first 17 days , i have earned 4.7$ and near a 5$ payout 7% fee would be cut i need help from the community if someone can help me...
  11. P


    Hey there, fellow blackhatters. Y'all can call me Pegasus. I'm a person who's very interested in learning more about how things work behind the curtains when it comes to earning money online. I myself want to open up a business one day and hopefully get financial freedom. Besides that, I'm a...
  12. KelvyTheBlacky

    Hi fellas

    My name's Kelvy and I'm happy to be part of BlackHat World. My username can as well be kelvytheblacky. Hoping to make thoughtful and inaightful contributions during my stay here.
  13. Mia khalifa

    Sup Guys

    Hi to all :) Glad to be a member of this community!!!
  14. EmpyreanSword

    Hi BHW!

    Hello! Emp here. I've been lurking for a couple of years on and off but never took any action. This is mainly because college and work have taken up a ton of my time. I used to be quite active on TBN, offering graphic design services with a partner of mine, but that place is pretty dead now. I...
  15. IllusiveEnterprises

    Hello All - New Here - Lovely Forum

    I have browsed Black Hat World Forums a few times but never signed up. I see it offers so many different resources, tons of useful information and lots of features. I am glad I decided to join and cannot wait to start using the forum on a regular basis and getting to know everyone and learning...
  16. Slightly Different

    I am slightly different...

    Everybody is slightly different because everybody is unique, so am I. :confused: But that is not what I am talking about. When I am talking about being slightly different, I mean being creative and not giving a f*ck about what people think about you when you don't go mainstream or when you're...
  17. D

    Hello everyone, dafoz1 from Germany here :)

    Hey guys, thank for letting me be a part of BHW! I hope i can contribute some value and learn a lot aswell! :) cheers dafoz1
  18. W

    New Member

    Hello to everyone, I am glad to be on this forum.
  19. X

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hi guy! I just Joined the Forum. Introducing myself as a learner. Nice too meet you!
  20. SubscribeToPewDiePie

    Hello there kind folk.

    Ya boy is 18 and is currently a freshman in community college. I'm gonna learn and do as much as I can to make enough money by the end of this year in order to transfer to a University, away from my parents. Let the journey BEGIN!
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