1. B

    Life Insurance Copywriters

    Good evening, As EEAT is really important in YMYL niches, where do people go to hire experts within these industries? Would it be manual outreach via Twitter, linkedIn and other social media sites, or would you be able to hire experienced Insurance copywriters through BHW? If you have...
  2. Affsub2

    AffSub2 - Exclusive Dating Offers & WW Smartlink: Adult, Mainstream, Cams, Gay

    Welcome to Affsub2’s thread! We are a CPA Network with a team of experienced affiliate marketing professionals committed to helping our partners to get win-win cooperation.Thus, We’ve combined direct advertisers and affiliates in one place. By the way, personal managers are always nearby to...
  3. Harrrr

    Do you work in the finance, banking or insurance industry?

    Hey guys, first of all thanks to this bad ass forum , I've been able to get clients this year for my web design services through cold email and LinkedIn. I'm outsourcing the work to some other guy that studied computer science at university because he's more qualified than I am. I have a MBA...
  4. R

    Insurance Affiliate Program

    Hello I do have a blog about insurance companies in Ireland that I would like to monetize, however I am not able to find any affiliate program for Ireland. I also tried to contact directly insurance companies to sell them leads but this process was much harder than I thought. Please share with...
  5. Y

    Suggest Auto Insurance Affiliate Program with JS Form

    Please, suggest Auto Insurance Affiliate Program with JS Form for leads. I researched all web, but not find good program. Please, help me. This company was the best - but now - closed. What is programm there P.S. JS Lead form better for website...
  6. C

    Hello World I'm new here My name is Click Master

    Hello Everyone I hope to become a valuable member of this community. Any help or advice I can receive would be very helpful to me. I'm going into Affiliate marketing on the side of Insurance and Finance. Any Advice Links or guidance?
  7. Z

    Need A Writer (Insurance, Loans etc)

    Hi Need a writer who can write on car insurance and insurance in general let me know your rates per 100 words and samples if any
  8. F

    Locking for monetization method for travel site and insurance

    Hi.... I have 2 sites .... One is about travel so will be nice if I can colaborate with someone in this niche and make money by sell travel packages. And the secod site is more generall about insurance . What are best network to monetize these sites? thank
  9. R


    Hey everyone, , I own, I'm NOT selling the domain. Health Insurance agency, I started ins.1987. I'm old, & Need host? fastcomet?
  10. DiMaster

    Looking for good Insurance domains to buy posts and links. Or BEST Insurance BHW Package

    Hi Guys! I am looking for good opportunities of linkbuilding. Insurance niche. Only sites with organic traffic. PM the details OR if any you tried local services and satisfied with the result please let know in this theme.
  11. S

    How can I sell whole sale insurance?

    I have talked to over 50 prospects who have paid to be on the wait list to get insurance at a better rate for their farms. They are local farmers. Is there a way for me to lock in to a better rate since I'm buying insurance whole sale? If so, what insurance companies should I look into to do...
  12. S

    We generate 300 to 400 Auto Insurance and Home Insurance Leads all TCPA compliant

    Hi All, I may be an old member here but have never been active here. We are generating 300 to 400 Auto Insurance Leads all Phone Verified and around 100 Home Insurance leads. These leads are from across USA. I just wanted to know what is the best way to find the right interested companies...
  13. D

    Need some guidance working with affiliates

    Hi! I have a three really nice websites in the field of Insurance, Loans and Mortgages. I don't want to work again with AdSense, and I want to work directly with Affiliates via advertising banners, links and especially with landing pages that gather leads. I really need some guidance here: I...
  14. V

    Qualified email database from UK insurance company

    I have it. About 1M records, with email, name, phone, address, DOB. Need to convert it to cash :)
  15. bileana

    I HAVE Finally found the problem of my IM life, and How to FIX IT!

    Hi, A quick info, I had great success over the last few years in SEO, online marketing but... I never had that "boom" I am looking for, that 30.000 a month site never happen for me, even though I made $300.000 in the last couple of years, I had to work like crazy for that :) I know whats the...
  16. S

    [REQ] Premium Insurance leads from State of NY

    I have 3 clients looking to buy top quality Insurance leads from State of NY. Do anyone into this? PM me or post your thoughts about this... thanks
  17. M

    How to promote insurance or payday CPA offers

    Hi BHW i would like to know which method you are using to promote financial cpa offers please let me know so that i can also implement i know here the guys are rocking by making 500$ if any just pm me or let me know :)
  18. D

    how to sell auto insurance leads

    Hi, I am capable of generating high quality auto insurance leads for many different states in the US. Can someone reccamend the best/easiest way that i could sell these leads in large quantity. I would appreciate any advice on selling these type of leads. Thanks
  19. blackma

    Advice needed on how to track leads!!!

    I have been approached by a leading Irish insurance company and they have explained that they would like to advertise on my site but only want to pay per lead. I would like to have their banner on my site and then track any people who go to their site and get a quote from them. They have a...
  20. browsing_hosts

    Any ideas how to get more traffic to my site?

    I have a auto insurance based website running surehits affiliate program where I get payed for when someone searches their state and just clicks on anyone of the results, they do not need to fill the quote in. It seems easy enough to get a good CTR but I am having trouble. How would I market...
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