1. Luca Jones

    Looking for android installs ONLY that do not drop

    Hello, We are currently looking for android installs. We have tried some "popular" ones around, but most of them drop after a while. Please let me know if you can provide android installs that do not drop. Thanks!
  2. galagrafic

    Needs SEO master

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to add a new member to my team with skills in SEO. I have to create a project to get USA/CA installs to my windows desktop software (.exe). Also, if you have your own project where my file could be placed - that is an even better option. You would have to create...
  3. A

    want to buy installs for a chrome extension

    i have a chrome extension and for that i need more installs i want this work fast and will pay good for it\
  4. T

    Looking for genuine app installs from top tier country

    You can buy installs from adwords yes but the CPC seems to have increased alot. I used to get installs at £0.03 to £0.05 per installs (mainlky usa) about a year ago. Now those same installs cost about £0.12 per install. Same keywords and images etc... Also its hard to get a high daily volume...
  5. H

    I need PPI bundle

    Hello i need ppi bundle seller who sells one hand
  6. T

    Google Ads App Campaigns CPI or CPC

    Last year i created a app install campaign for a tool app and it was getting installs from usa at £0.05 per install and I was getting decent volume at about 600 installs per day. Its not great but it sort of maxed out and had to work within a budget. I then stopped that campaign. Then this...
  7. I


    In this modern business era, smartphone applications are a necessity for Business and Personal Branding. If you are yet to consider the opportunities that exist for you or your company in regards to owning a mobile application then you are leaving money on the table. Having a Mobile App for...
  8. PaulLoren

    Looking for desktop traffic. Budget over $80k/month

    looking for offers with payment for install. only interested in cheap traffic with good quality. willing to cooperate for a long time. interested in a lot of installs every day! budget over 80 thousand dollars a month our white pc cleaning app wants to reach a new level of sales. that is why...
  9. Marti.exe

    Need installations on my .exe

    Hey! I want to find a freelancer to install my .exe Interested in installations (PC: Windows): World, CA, US, EU mix and many others. I will consider various options for cooperation. Write in a personal or following the description below to contacts using this template: 1 - Resource, where do...
  10. R

    US/CA Installs

    Ready to buy US/CA real desktop .exe installs in bulk Waiting for your offers!
  11. kruner

    Paying more than ANY PPI for installs of my software

    Hey guys ! Im paying good for installs of my software , unlimited installs paid in real time no tier anything , 1 install comes 1 install paid or how you prefer. We are looking for Europe , USA installs and tier one sites.
  12. Luca Jones

    ✅ ⚡ Buy Android Promos - Installs │Ratings│Custom Reviews│Boost Your Mobile Game/App │ If Reviews Dont Stick, We Will Refund...

    Hello BHW - Today we are launching our new service to boost up your android app ➡ PromoteMy.App. Have a new starter app? Have a new game that you uploaded on the play store but did not get a single download or review? Then we are offering our new services to boost up your android app or game...
  13. OrderXBL

    Looking for a PPI (.exe desktop) that has good rates. reward

    looking for a pay per install service that is legit. reward for looking: Keyword online search text tool (quick copy and paste 500 key words) that should help the SEO.
  14. DigitalDaniel

    (WTB) Chrome Extension Installs

    Hey, Looking to buy good chrome extension installs. Would prefer countries like USA, Canada and Australia. Not looking for all at once download, but rather a steady increase in installs over a few days. Thanks!
  15. J

    want to buy chrome extension installs - 400 users for $150

    Hi there looking to buy real chrome extension installs - USA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA only - not incl asia and africa Gradual install rate - not looking for 400 users all at once -- spaced out over a 3/4 days to look less suspicious. Experienced PROs only please not looking to get banned by chrome...
  16. Chakiry

    Is buying installs for games still worth it ?

    Is buying installs for games still worth it ? if yes what's the best service for getting installs ?
  17. zarner

    Looking for Installs of My sofware Paying well

    Looking for installs of my software Interested in EU and USA installs Im looking for webmaster and people with installs activity
  18. kruner

    Looking for people able to get software installs again

    Im Looking for a downloads website owners or Pay Per Installs users Experienced People Only , we pay more than your current Pay Per Install , We can ensure it. We are promoting our Smart Ads Software and we are paying well. Payments are for downloads - 1 Pay per user (We dont pay x2 if a user...
  19. Jacks Sparrow

    Installs / Users for Chrome Extensions

    Hey All, I'm searching for a specific amount of installs / users for my Google Chrome Extension Please send me a PM
  20. G

    Best Alternative App Sites to Upload Android apps and get installs ?

    So we all know GoolePlay is the big player as far as Android app marketplaces go, but what are some alternative locations you can upload Android apps to and get some install traffic ? I don't care how crappy the site is just ones that have a real shot at getting our apps traffic. We all know...
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