1. M

    Instagram accounts engagement drops to 0%

    Hello everyone I have been running a page that was going pretty good but suddenly my reach started to decline and my account growth has been nill from that time onward Account information - Meme page that post viral reels - Only posts reels - No bot used or any buying of followers or likes -...
  2. matthewmint7

    Instagram organically grown to 27k followers needs new owner, fashion and lingerie page

    Hi all so I started a small business of lingerie selling and model promo ads on IG. Have organically grown fashion / model / lingerie Instagram page to 27K followers over the last 3 years or so. I have gone into a new industry and venture so do not utilise the page as much as I could so now...
  3. oldinstagramstore

    Old İnstagram Accounts Sale

    Old Instagram Accounts Sale(High Quality) Get rid of giving money to intermediary sites (accsmarket etc.) - Aged These accounts were registered 2-10 years ago FAQ: Q: How to place an order? A: telegram: oldinstagram A: whatsapp:+447888469954 Q: What payment methods do you accept? A...
  4. kalleblom

    How do i recover my old instagram account?

    Hi, I have an instagram account that i cant access, i dont know if i made a correct email when i signed up..long time ago! But now when i want access the account i cant, i forgot the password but when i hit "recover password" i get a message that instagram cant reach the eamil and i should try a...
  5. V

    Problem with instagram

    I have a problem with my instagram account. I ran the Instagram regularly. I stopped a few months ago but I had 6,000 people observed. I started to delete them about 100 a day until about 800 left. I have 1600 followers. Now as I add my photo has x times less i engagement than the previous one...