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  1. G

    Instagram thumbnails not working on video carousels

    Hi guys, When I try to post video carousels the thumbnails don't work. It lets me change the thumbnail of the first video but when I post it, it always shows the first image of the video (the default thumbnail) and not the one I selected. I have tried on several phones (Xiaomi and Motorola) and...
  2. Infamous Nik

    How to mass download videos from Instagram?

    Hello Is there any way to download videos from an account, hashtag? Thanks
  3. H

    Music on Instagram videos. Copyright infringement?

    Hi there! I own some travel accounts on Instagram and, lately, it seems that videos are going really viral again. I've seen many travel accounts posting videos (I'd say videos are taken from TikTok) with copyrighted music that go viral and they don't give credits to the owners of the music...
  4. Jeff Vh

    TIKTOK Huge Potential: H-R IG Vid scraper = MONEY

    What's up boys and girls! This is my first thread ever and I would love to make it inside the TikTok Forum. First of all, I have some experience with TikTok, one of my videos hit 1.5 million views, 140K likes and around 8K shares last year. Besides that, I saw a lot of people reposting my...
  5. Ankith K Shetty

    How can I download videos from instagram? Any Ideas guys?

    How can I download videos from instagram? Any Ideas guys?
  6. rocknrollchef

    Effectiveness Of Video On IGTV vs. Main Feed w/ Affiliate Links?

    Hello (trying this question again): Instagram is obviously putting some emphasis on video lately - especially IGTV - but wondering two things regarding their effectiveness towards the MAIN goal: Driving traffic to a shopping cart or affiliate program to make $: 1. Is it better to upload a...
  7. IProvideSEO

    How To Create Video Content For Small Business Social Media

    I am currently restructuring my social media campaigns to include video content for local small businesses. I have found that using custom graphics just isn't as effective as it used to be on social media. Everything is video content related and that is what the audience expects now and days...