instagram verified accounts

  1. D

    Has anyone ever bought an Instagram Verified Badge?

    Wondering if anyone has ever bought an Instagram Verified Badge? Have heard that some people who got access to FB Media Portal or Instagram and FB employees are verifying Instagram pages for some amount of cash varying from 3k-10k. Has anyone had experience with this?
  2. O

    Instagram verified

    Hi guys! Need someone to help me get the Instagram verified badge. Should be easy to do as my business is well known and my account is legit. I need to find a company that can create 3-4 press articles from reliable sources and will submit my account.
  3. AuraMarketing

    [METHOD] List of Verified Instagram Accounts

    Few days back, there was an IG account that was only mentioning Verified Instagram accounts in the comments. Someone asked in the comments about how to find verified accounts.. So, here is the method to scrape those accounts.. 1. Go to 2. Search for inBody:verified...