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  1. mayadd

    How Can I Automatically Unfollow on Instagram?

    Hello guys. I have a question about Instagram. I want to unfollow the people who don't follow me back, not all of them. How can I do that with automation or a bot without getting caught?
  2. Jamaicanghost

    Any way to mass unfollow on Instagram?

    Sup guys, I need to unfollow over 3700 inactive and bot accounts. At the moment am unfollowing 100 every 2 days, just wondering if there's a faster method for free ;)
  3. sarahsaturne

    How can we have an idea of the percent of INSTAGRAM accounts run by bot?

    How can we have an idea of the percent of INSTAGRAM accounts run by bot? The question may seem "strange" on this forum, but the thing is that I am running my INSTAGRAM account "manually" and work a lot on it (amazing content, ads paid, aso.) - 18K in 17 months and I use a bot to help me to grow...
  4. MrFady

    Unfollow all in one click

    Hello blackhatters, Is there any way to unfollow all with an easy way?, I tried to iMacros but it didn't work. Any Help!! ???
  5. V

    Follow function only works after unfolling people

    Hi! I have a big account with over 50k Followers which I have received through following and unfollowing people. I am bot using a bot. I am following around 1.000 people a day manually (around 30 people every 10 mins). This was working really good since 3 years. Sometimes I got blocked because I...
  6. R


  7. imdgod

    The best free way to unfollow and like on Instagram.

    Hi all, I use this one method to automatically Follow/unfollow and like posts of specific Tags, as I've learnt a lot here from the users like you who share Quality content and tutorials. so, I think it is my duty to give back to the community. Most of you must be aware of this way but there is a...
  8. K

    Following and unfollowing

    Hey guys, Right now I'm following around 6.7k people and by the end of the day it should be a little bit over 7k. After that I'm going to start unfollowing. My question is how long do I have to wait before starting to unfollow? Can I start unfollowing tomorrow morning for example or do I have to...
  9. Shqipenet

    No money for a bot? Make your own within 2 minuts | IG unfollow Bot Video Tut

    You can find the Video TUT here: tool u need:
  10. B

    Instagram UNFOLLOW script [iMacro]

    Here is an unfollow script for use with statigram. I can't post links so script is in a word doc, just copy and paste into notepad save as whatever you want to call it .txt then change it to .iim file and put in Macros folder, open up chrome or firefox and play loop. This is just a general...
  11. F

    [Try FREE] Get Instagram Followers Fast. Brand Promotion very fast.

    Follow / Unfollow / Like / Like Popular / Follow Popular at lightning speed. 500 to 3000 per day Through Community Chat you can enter into a hub of marketers, terrific place for knowledge sharing. User Management feature to make application use as simple and efficient as possible. Insta Support...