instagram tool

  1. eaglehunter

    Looking for an automated Instagram tool ( Scraper and poster)

    So as the title suggests, I am looking for an automated tool to scrape pictures/reels/ carousel from instagram profiles that I provide (3 times per day) I would like to copy the location, the caption, the music ( if there is any), and of course the pictures themselves and post them on my...
  2. F

    Gramtomato - the Instagram growth solution without requiring a password

  3. thetrustedzone

    [Attention] To proxy sellers and instagram marketers

    Something I got multiple PMs about and also noticing in BHW posts ... Instagram accounts banning and Instagram proxies ...etc here is my 2 cents : Instagram has IPs database check against ... usually, they know if you are using proxy or not but not always. when they detect you using a proxy...
  4. L

    Instagram Dm Tool Or mass dm tool

    Is there some type of instagram Dm tool that i can use to scroll all the way down to my dms?? I manually send the same message Everybody always says jarvee,I was using jarvee but mine recently stopped working i have more than 10,000+ contacts in my dms and i cannot scroll past 1,000 contacts...
  5. T

    IG tool

    Hello BHatters , Well I have a question about Instagram , I want to know if there is a tool can collecting to me similar accounts with a filter , Number of followers and ER !?
  6. crystalwiz

    Any Free Instagram Tool that Can Autopost Blog Post/Image to Instagram?

    I frequently use IFTTT for processes like this. But I haven't found the feature that allows you to automatically send the image with url and description of a blog post to Instagram. Do you have any experience? What do you use as a blogger?
  7. lazareski

    Developing an Instagram tool - need some advice

    Hellooo guys and gals, As the title says i am currently developing an Instagram tool to help with managing accounts and i need some help. This tool will mostly be deep and detailed analytics of you account/post/followers etc. and your competitions. With some features for scheduling posts and...
  8. PabloGuy

    Looking for a dev for a web instagram tool

    Hello community ! I'm looking for a dev that can make a web instagram account analytic tool like this => Reach me if you can do that :) Regards !
  9. RankGeek


  10. S

    Is InstaPy safe?

    Hi I need an Instagram tool for follow/ unfollow but I can't pay for one. I heard about InstaPy it is free, but I want to know if it is safe, what are the risks of my instagram getting banned? I have been growing manually an ig acc for a long time and now I created another one and I need e bot...
  11. H

    Looking for tool to sort post based on engagement.

    Im about to restart feed on one of my pages and it has 4k+post. Is there any tool that would list a couple of my most engaged post. Even if its just shows per month or weekly thanks.
  12. PowerKnipser

    [NEED] Instagram Bot to comment on my own Picture

    Hi all, I need a simple IG Bot, that can comment on my own IG Picture, with that same account i posted the picture with. I will have comments deactivated, so only myself can post comments under my picture. Is this possible with a bot? Any recommendations?
  13. KraftyKyle

    [GET] Instagram Post Downloader - w/ Extended Funtionality! ★★★★★

    Here's an Instagram Tool that hopefully will be helpful to some. There are a handful of others but they have a ton of ads, don't do anything besides download a post, and can be pretty unreliable. My tool has zero ads and also has some extended functionality. I was using it for myself, but have...
  14. TheDutchLegend

    Instagram Helpdesk - BlackHatWorld

    Hi guys! Let's keep it short. Ask here anything about instagram. What are your problems etc I'll do my best to answer them all and help you with it! About me I am Wahe. I am doing Instagram already few years. I am kind of experienced. Am now running 300+ accounts. Soon i'll start...
  15. goodgoofsxd

    How do you see your biggest followers?

    Is there any tools/apps/sites i can use to see the biggest accounts that follow me? Kudos
  16. healzer

    Beta testers for Instagram automation tool/bot

    Hi guys :) The time has finally come, just as I've promised, a brand new and unique Instagram automation software. The tool was built in cooperation with some highly successful Instagram influencers and marketers. However, it's far from complete & perfect. InstaQ - public beta release "An...
  17. Azt3c

    Is there a tool to check which HASHTAG gets me the most likes?

    Free tool preferably. I wanna know which hashtags gets me the most number of likes..I can't find a good one..
  18. thetraveller

    Instagram Account Age Checker Tool

    Hi, Just passed by to share with you guys and girls my first online tool that can estimate Instagram account age. The tool can be useful in cases where you don't have access to account email to check the Instagram welcome email date, or when the account does not have any posted media that can...
  19. Suman Dey

    Need help to create instagram view boost

    Hello, I am looking to build instagram view boost tool. If anyone already develop or experienced how to develop, please help me
  20. J

    Which Instagram bot is the best for managing 10k + accounts and selling likes/followers?

    After searching and researching I figure there are 3 main Instagram bots out there worth investing in; Botstagram Xgram Instadominate ...if I missed another good bot please let me know. Those of you who have some experience using them, can you help me decide which one is the best for managing...