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  1. IG Pro

    INSTAGRAM is testing Dark Mode!!!

    This news was found by user on Twitter, I'd like to say that I don't know this source personally, so in worst case scenario it can be fake. Here is the picture: (for some reason i cant upload the picture here) And one more thing, Instagram has disappeared from Apple...
  2. IG Pro

    [JV] Instagram's Upcoming: Updates/News/Test + Your Groups/Traffic

    Hello, I can deliver the newest - earliest Instagram upcoming updates/news/tests before they appear on marketing news websites - forums or even on Instagram's website itself. Here is one of my successful threads, where I was updating the whole BHW - Instagram subforum with the upcoming...
  3. IG Pro

    [New] Instagram Update - Bio

    Hello everyone! Today instagram relased new update, where they mess with BIO. IMO this is not that bad idea, now you have to impress potencional follower with only few words in your BIO. What is your opinion? I am curisous what other people will say about this.
  4. Paukerin

    Instagram News: High Reach Accounts

    Hey, Sorry for the title but I couldn’t find another one. The following happened to me a few minutes ago: I logged into my IG account and saw a notification that there will be some changes to my account. Basically IG declared it a High Reach Account, people will now see all the ads I’m...