instagram mentions

  1. Nocan


    I have been testing instagram mentions on smm panels lately and all the panels use the same method or resell from the same supplier. When you buy these mentions, these will be delivered and then 90% of them will drop. However your instagram post will show the correct number of comments but you...
  2. eaglehunter

    Need someone to do mentions service on instagram

    As title suggests, need someone to do the mentions service on instagram. Thanks
  3. M

    instagram giveaways

    1) how do giveaway pages bring so many followers to the people they are following? 2) how do you get lots of comments on giveaway posts and how to get mentions fast (panels are too slow)?
  4. Gupta Prathesh

    IG Mentions / Post Share (DM) -- Service Provider??

    Hi guys, Looking for someone who can help me tag thousands of scraped users in the comments of a post.. The panel services don't seem to be working well. Also looking for someone who can help me share a post with thousands of scraped users. Has anyone used these methods lately? Also, does...
  5. V

    Instagram mentions/comments PAID

    Hello, I need someone that can provide a Instagram mentions and custom comments. I’d rather not use panels because I hate the accounts they use for the mansions. I like to work with private sellers when possible and I’ll buying wayyyyy more than you think. Please MESSAGE me if interested and...
  6. F

    I need smm instagram insta ig mention service

    Hı, I search SMM Instagram IG Mention service who can mention 200000 costom username list everyday. Price: 1.00$ per 1000 costom mention Startime: at the latest 1 hour after the order For offers please contact me via PM Thanks forward,
  7. B

    Instagram mentions ?

    Hey guys, I am looking at Instagram mentions to drive traffic to my offer. Is there any limit of mentions per post ? and is it safe to do since , i dont want to loose my account ? And if any of you have past experience please do share. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  8. PersiaGrai

    SMM Panel Mentions

    Hey guys, Im looking for an SMM panel w/ Instagram Mentions that allows you to mention 1 person multiple times. For example, I order 10k mentions which mentions 1 person 10k times. Let me know, thanks.
  9. AuraMarketing

    [METHOD] List of Verified Instagram Accounts

    Few days back, there was an IG account that was only mentioning Verified Instagram accounts in the comments. Someone asked in the comments about how to find verified accounts.. So, here is the method to scrape those accounts.. 1. Go to 2. Search for inBody:verified...
  10. Azazel Apolyon

    Instagram mentions from verified accounts

    Hi I wanted to make a followup thread regarding this new instagram trick. Where you get mentioned by verified profiles on a fake survey post along with 4 other people on a comment with a hashtag #sorryfordisturbing. I've seen a bunch of profiles and been tagged by all of them and thats how they...
  11. Azazel Apolyon

    Need Instagram Mentions Bot

    Need an Instagram mention bot to scrape followers from a target profile and use my profile to tag them on a picture or video of mine in the comments with different proxies
  12. AuraMarketing

    307291 Instagram mentions on verified Instagram page

    Hello, one of my account was tagged by this verified Instagram account @dreaux11. They've single post having 307291 comments with multiple mentions of other IG accounts in each comment. Their post talk about how to earn money using the bio link at @surveydaily. Can you recommend an Insta...
  13. P

    Instagram IG service of delivering one @mention per comment only custom or random but 1 or 2 mention

    I am Looking for Instagram IG service of delivering one @mention per comment only custom or random but 1 or 2 mentions... all the services int he market will throw like 5 to 8 mentions per comment.. i want something with one or two mentions max per comment.. or a service that allows to have...
  14. M

    Instagram mentions

    Hello I Need Someone Who Can Scrape 10k Instagram users From A Instagram Follower Account And Mention Them On My Post... Let Me Know How Much You Charge Per 1k Mentions And I Will Need Example Before We Proceed
  15. F

    Instagram MentionBot

    Hi, i been searching for instagram mentionbot but no joy. is anyone on here selling instagram mentionbot? Thanks Abz
  16. shuttershades

    [FREE] 1000 Instagram Likes or 100 Instagram Followers

    Hello Blackhatters, Get for free : - 1000 Instagram Likes (spread up to 10 photos) or - 100 Instagram Followers :)INSTRUCTIONS::) - have at least 50 posts on this forum - make sure your account is not private before you send the link - post on this thread - PM me your Instagram photo link or...
  17. F

    Can you do 200k Mentions on IG

    Hi, within the next few days i want to run a give away on IG and will be needing someone who can do 200k mentions on IG and i will provide the list of users to mention in the giveaway. if you can offer this for cheap please let me know and no time wasters please. Thanks Abz
  18. Richard Roe

    The search for Instagram mentions service <1K

    Does anyone know where to find an Instagram mentions service that offers orders less than 1K? I'm trying to grow some smaller accounts and none of them gain 1000 comments on a single post, so I feel it will look obvious if out of nowhere 1-2 posts suddenly have 1k mentions on them. I've looked...
  19. Unfodos

    what is this spam trick ?

    Hello guys so today i was struggling to gain some follower and someone mention me to a video take a look and see how much comments on this video post
  20. A

    Anyone Have Cheap Working IG Mentions?

    Hey, If you have cheap working IG mentions get in touch.. Looking to do about 20K-100K+ mention daily :-)