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  1. P

    My Instagram journey GOAL 10k$/MONTH

    I am posting this only for motivation my self Also, I thought it will be fun to track my journey there on BHW. And maybe found some new friends and motivation others. I want to make money only from Instagram and my Goal is 10k$/M only profit! What I have? - Absolutely awesome services for...
  2. bosmolskate

    [STEP BY STEP GUIDE] How to Increase Engagement & Make Money on Instagram

    Since engagement has been on the decline for the past few years (thanks Facebook for trying to get us to spend money on ads) I have had to find new techniques to increase engagement. One of the better strategies I have found is to reach out to brands in your niche and see if they want to run a...
  3. M

    [JV] Monetise My Instagram pages

    Hey everyone, I’m looking to cooperate with someone that can help me monetise my Instagram accounts, for example selling shoutouts, we will split the profit. If you have experience in this field please Pm me so we can discuss further. Looking forward to working with you :)
  4. P

    My Instagram journey GOAL 4500$/MONTH

    Hey guys, my English is bad. So I am sorry for the wrong sentences. I thought it will be fun to track my journey there on BHW. I want to make money only from Instagram and my Goal is 4.5k$/M only profit! I have two methods of how I want achieve that. a) Instagram 1 = From fans page...
  5. ThatBritishGuy

    Rock bottom but the only way is up! (instagram journey)

    So during my daily grind I realised I had not updated my journey thread and also realized I had surpassed my initial goal of 100 instagram accounts. (yay for me :p) I will be creating this new thread as I start a new journey One thing that helped me get to this point sooner than I had expected...
  6. ThatBritishGuy

    600 insta followers everyday - how to monetize

    So right now with my clients account I am averaging them 600 followers a day and its continually rising. Engagement is at 8% and she's at 44k followers. She is a sexy gamer girl is how I would best describe her niche :p she is also a parterned streamer on a gaming platform. Trying to steer clear...
  7. F

    IG Fake Till You Make It 0$ to 1k$ Monthly with 1 Acc

    I have personal account, which has little over 3k followers and is few years old. In fitness niche :) and by little over I mean like 14 followers :D I will buy daily 1k fake followers, because if I buy a lot at once it would look a lot more fishy. I will also buy 1k likes for each post, I am...
  8. Reposal024

    Make Money With 11k Instagram Followers

    Hello, I have an Instagram account with 11.7k followers. Niche: Model, Fitness, Babes Pictures get around 300-1000 Likes and around 3-15 comments. How can I make money with this. whats the best method I can use today? Or is it smarter to grow it furthur? Thanks!
  9. G

    Mass Planner source amount

    Hey All, I was just wondering if anyone around here has some good advice for the mass planner sources. I have lots of great ones to use however I am wondering how many to have loaded at one time. I have been sticking around 12-15. Should I be using more?
  10. F

    Atleast 1K$ manually with IG - Let's do this s***

    I will be using my old aged IG acc, +- 3 months old with 70 posts almost no real followers ( 200 ) I have ordered around 4k fake, right now I have 3600 followers, tommorow I should have around 4200-4500 and since that point, there should be real growth of this acc. Niche is fitness, but I won't...
  11. M

    Followerliker instagram

    Hello! I'm new in domaine :internet marketing on instragram so i need "followerliker" but it's very Expensive and i don't have the money :/ Can everyone help me to get followerliker for free and i promis to buy it as soon as i provide a money.
  12. Z

    PPC/CPA on instagram

    Hi there again, people! I'm not 100% sure about the thread section, so please forgive me if I've done a mistake putting it under "Instagram" I've got a couple of questions for the community: - Where do you get the "surveys" or the "email subscriptions" to monetize you instagram accounts with...
  13. K

    Anyone on Instagram CPA?

    Hello guys, I'm new to CPA i would like to listen you, I have 110K Follower for my Instagram account legit build "NO BOT". 1.) How many follower you have? ( I have 110K follower and gain 10-15K follower everyday "Account started on 15/06/2013") 2.) Which Comapany, CPA, Network? 3.) How much...