instagram ip

  1. I

    Check if your IP is flagged by IG?

    Hello Is there a way to know/check/test if my home IP is flagged by IG? Or indicators? Thanks and stay healthy :)
  2. fxmanaged

    Hater is hating. Can I pay to find his IP?

    We've had a private page hating on one of our pages for almost a year now. He posts false and misleading info about us, hateful crap, etc. We've ignored it for a while, but it's getting super annoying. We've even started reporting some of his posts to IG, completing copyright infringement...
  3. CMG

    IP flagged? Best course of action?

    I noticed that every time I try to find content to scrape off of instagram, the only posts that pop up to me have a very low engagement rate. Is this the new algorithm or is my IP flagged/black listed? (In the past, I didn't know anything about proxies, so I just made a bunch of accounts using...