instagram help

  1. Alle155

    Has anyone experienced captions block and how do you remove it?

    Recently ive experienced when i try to post instagram captions it doesnt show, i use jarvee and i let the account rest for 48 hours after this happend but nothing has changed. if you have an solution to this please respond
  2. D

    Are DM/Telagram groups any good to use

    Hi all, I have heard from many different people that being in dm/telegram groups are very bad for your account, I also hear from a lot of people being in them is good if they are notch related and have lots of accounts that are big accounts. I wanted to find the real answer are they still...
  3. Kingking12a

    where to contact instagram

    Does someone know where to contact instagram now ? Via support email , They dont respond now , And the phone number is not available . Please if someone know any way to contact them please help me
  4. D

    Is my account shadowbanned or what?

    Hi, Yesterday I posted a photo on my travel account that has about 27k followers. The photo got reported on a account with 497k dollers and in less time got more likes about 7k , where as my photo on my account only got 350 in double the time . Why is my photos getting like no reach and likes...
  5. D

    Need some advice with my Instagram

    Hi all. I need help to boost my engagement. I don’t know if the photos are good enough or something else I can do. my Instagram account is @travelweekli would love some feedback on how good my photos are and hat I need to change or do more of Also, does engagement groups still work and how...
  6. D

    Instagram help

    Hi all I am struggling to boost my engagement and don't know what to do to boost it I am getting about 40 to 60 followers a day and my following account is growing but my engagement is not anyone got any tips. Are my photos any good or need improving and what things should I show on my...
  7. D

    Instagram engagement help

    m having problems trying to get my engagement up anyone got any tips and my account is @travelweekli
  8. D

    Need tips.on how to.boost Instagram engagement

    Hi, my engagement has dropped from a lot since 2018 same with everyone, but I am finding it very hard to boost my engagement. Anyone got any tips.on how I can bring my engagement up in 2020.
  9. D

    Mass story growth method?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone offers the mass stories views growth method. I have tried lots of other methods and now they are not working, so need someone to help me with that method of they offer this method as a service. Thanks
  10. D

    Need help with Instagram hastags?

    I have a personal travel blog accounts that has 23.7k followers and I use about up to 25 hashtags for post and I go for hastags under 500k and some are like 1000 and some like 20 k but I am only getting around 400 to 800 impressions from the hastags. Is there a way I can see what's the best...
  11. D

    I need mother/slave method for me

    Hi, I have hired someone to do the mother/slave method for me but since the June update on Instagram they have had problems with the slave accounts. I need someone to help me. if you offer this service than DM me. My account is a personal one in the travel nitche.
  12. Colbatz

    How to restore deleted Instagram posts

    Hi everybody, I have just discovered that in the account of my society, almost one month ago, were deleted 130 posts, probably by my ex business partner. Has anybody faced similar problems? Is there any solutions to recover them in the account? Thank you, if it is possible, it would be really...
  13. S

    Help with Instagram Account?!

    Can anyone help me with a issue I have creating accounts? I can't create accounts, when I do it gives a error and then that email and username gets "taken" and can't be used again.. It's quite annoying now.. I've tried it on my laptop, 2 iphones and ipad.. I've tried doing it via 4G (Mobile...
  14. S

    HUGE Instagram Issue!

    So i'm currently having a HUGE instagram issue it's not only becoming frustrating, it's also having an actual effect on my accounts. So the other day nearly all my instagram accounts that I run asked me to add a phone number to send a security code to. I added one, it sent the code. I completed...
  15. c0copops

    What to do with inactive Instagram account?

    So I recently got my old Instagram account back, after 6 months of forgetting the password and studying for exams, I've finally got back to it for the summer. My account is currently on 27k followers and losing around 30 a day. I dont know what to do, as I know when I post I will get a huge...
  16. D

    Ii need some Instagram hashtag help

    I have a travel account where I showcase my own travel photos. I have tried doing 25 hastags in a post and also 15 and picked ones from 5k to 600k and my impressions for the hastags on my photos is from 5 to 300. How do improve my impressions for my hastags on Instagram and does anyone have a...
  17. D

    Instagram impressions and reaches help

    I have my own personal travel account on Instagram where I share my own photography it currently has 18.5k followers. For a month now my Impressions and reaches are dropping every day. my impressions are currently 8,620 and my reach is 3,211. Does anyone know how I can boost my impressions and...
  18. D

    How to make money as a micro influencer on Instagram?

    Hi I am a micro influencer on Instagram with around 12k followers and growing and I have seen people with around the same following as me make money with sponsored posts. I am in the travel nitch as I am a travel blogger. Does anyone know how I approach brands and what brands do I look for and...
  19. chrsplmr

    Ask me anything about Instagram

    I’ve been in the IG game for 5 years. In that time I’ve managed over 2,500 different accounts on various freelance platforms and delt with every type of client alive. Along with that I’ve ran every CPA offer imaginable and bought and sold accounts aged and new along with selling SMM services...
  20. S

    Botting/Automation vs Instagram's following feed

    Hey guys, New to the forum but looking forward to learning and sharing. I've been using an bot like/follow tool but noticed the Following Feed on Instagram shows what you've liked and who you followed (privacy wise, this seems a bit much 0-0) Doesn't this scream when you auto likes/comments...