instagram follow bot

  1. MRlurch92

    Which Instagram follow/unfollow bot is the best?

    Hello guys I am new to instagram game and don't really know which bot is best to buy, so your advice will be much appreciated. Thank you guys in advance.
  2. S

    Botting/Automation vs Instagram's following feed

    Hey guys, New to the forum but looking forward to learning and sharing. I've been using an bot like/follow tool but noticed the Following Feed on Instagram shows what you've liked and who you followed (privacy wise, this seems a bit much 0-0) Doesn't this scream when you auto likes/comments...
  3. sarahsaturne

    Why cannot I invite anymore my FACEBOOK friends to follow your iNSTAGRAM account?

    Why cannot I invite anymore my FACEBOOK friends to follow your iNSTAGRAM account? 1 - I elaborate : Few weeks ago, it was possible for me to INVITE my Contacts (close to Suggestions INSTAGRAM offers) and also my FACEBOOK friends - the 3 possibilities are on the same line on the top (even if my...
  4. sarahsaturne

    How can we know if our INSTAGRAM account was ghosted?

    How can we know if our INSTAGRAM account was ghosted? I have only a doubt, as I use a bot for this function FOLLOWING/UNFOLLOWING and during a long while there was not a lot of increase and suddenly in one week maybe 100/150 new ones following me per a day? Or maybe it's related to my ad on...
  5. D

    Should I use follow/unfollow for my personal account.

    I have heard lost on the web about using follow for unfollow services. Some say you shouldn't use it on a personal account as it will ruin your account but some say it helps boost your engagement. Also I heard that you can make a fan account and use that follow for unfollow method on that...
  6. M

    First BHW Journey - Extra 1K a Month On Instagram? Lets See.

    Hey fellow BHW'ers :) So,this may sound a little silly, but I am taking a step out of my comfort zone in attempt to build the foundations of something great. People may see 1K a month as easy and a low target, but I believe this is a good point to aim at. If this works, then I believe that it...
  7. JalinFree

    [Summary]How to Get More Followers on Instagram

    To get more followers on Instagram do the following things: Promote your dedicated hashtag on your other social profiles, on your website, and your email blast. Get creative with your hashtags. Be funny, ironic, or outrageous – but never boring! Watch topically relevant and trending hashtags...
  8. S

    [Help] Program to mass create accouts

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a program which is able to mass create Instagram accounts via proxies. It would work like this: -Enter Huge list of proxies -Mass Create Instagram accounts using those proxies -Add random prof pictures to each account using random images from google -Then be...
  9. sam.hunt0710

    100,000 followers/ $10,000 in 1 month - Instagram Challenge by Indianbill

    Hey Guys, I have not posted a journey for a long time, was busy doing CPA with media buying mostly. Finally got some time to do something which I can share with forum members and motivate myself and couple of you guys in the process. This challenge was started 2 days back on 24th of July. I am...
  10. Amirali

    7 Accounts banned by Instagram

    Hey guyz, My 7 accounts are banned which is 3 to 6 months old and running for 3 months Can anybody tell me whats the reason. My Bot Settings: -589-698 follow per day (5 Day Working) -70-123 likes per day -600-698 unfollow per day (2 day working in a week) - Medium Settings - 1 post per day -...
  11. H

    Instagram bot --> like, follow, unfollow

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask you if it ist currentyl possible to program an "Instagram Bot" In what language should I do it best? I read about python should be the best way? The first steps I have done , like get client_id, client secret ... I wanted to write my thesis about this, so I would be...
  12. C

    Has Anyone Tried "getyouviews"

    Ok so this website seems nice and all but has anyone actually bought views from them? Ive seen a couple youtube videos of people telling about them and the videos have a BUNCH of views.. So i assume they are legit?? Any suggestions on other places to buy from are appreciated! Thanks in advance...
  13. G

    [GET] AMF instagram follower script for imacros

    Hello guys, I'm new here and i wanted to post this little script i combined from two other scripts. I had no idea what i was doing but it turned out working great as i needed working instagram follow script. so check it out! VERSION BUILD=7601105 RECORDER=FX 'emiltz - AddMeFast Instagram Auto...
  14. C

    Will pay good money for an instagram bot - Anyone got one out there?

    Hi BHW, I really need a stable instagram bot - I want to be able to provide up to maximum 1000 likes/followers on any account, thats it. I will pay good money for it, however it will need to include updates in price. Or at least 6 months or updates. I wil also need to buy the 1000 accounts, so...
  15. A

    instaflow bot :)

    I downloaded instaflow but on every version I download- when I click on "get token" it transfers me to a weird web page that doesnt contain any code. does someone here know how to fix this or to get instaflow working?
  16. A

    imacro instagram help :)

    when im trying to follow someone on followgram, i use this script and it works: TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=TXT:Follow&&CLASS:btn<SP>btn-success<SP>btn-action-follow but when im trying to unfollow someone, i use this script and it doesnt work: TAG POS=1 TYPE=A...
  17. A

    any good instagram following bots/scripts?

    are there any good instagram following bots? maybe imacro scripts? I know that there's the 200 ppl/h limit, but most of the bots I know dont even do that and stop following after a few follows, even when the bot says it does follow (but it really does'nt). if there's any good bot out there...
  18. epPaulZimmer

    Make Me and Instagram bot

    I have an instagram account that can follow unlimited users (i am already following 30k people) I need someone to create me an instagram account that bypasses the api, So i can following thousands of people daily. Can someone do this for me? I am looking to follow 100s and 100s of thousands of...

    Instagram Follow Bot [Imacros] Fastest One

    I got tired of manually following people on Instagram and the bots I tries were a little slow so I made one a little faster. First download MRP (Mouse Recorder Pro) Virus Total: 629cc8649aeba5d3310e26e114c494393a5760c8d3a292e8c0dd619d4b555da7...
  20. epPaulZimmer

    Follow 1 million people on instagram.

    Hey so today i saw a user on instagram who is following 1 million people!!!! I have an account that can follow unlimited people, but i need an advanced bot that could follow users super quick without getting me banned from the website! Can someone build me this bot, or do you know of a bot i can...