instagram copyright

  1. H

    Music on Instagram videos. Copyright infringement?

    Hi there! I own some travel accounts on Instagram and, lately, it seems that videos are going really viral again. I've seen many travel accounts posting videos (I'd say videos are taken from TikTok) with copyrighted music that go viral and they don't give credits to the owners of the music...
  2. bonito84

    LOST my account forever? business failed

    This morning I couldn't even log in on my account, I have en email from Instagram saying this basically: We’ve removed or disabled access to the following content you posted on Instagram because a third party reported that the content violates their trademark rights They provided me the email...
  3. K

    Is there a copyright problem when using pics from google ?

    Hey guys i know this sounds like newb question but it is because it is I'm a newb and I really hope I could find an answer here. I want o know if for example take photos of cats or motivational quotes from google and upload it on my Instagram account , will a problem with copyright occur ? if...