instagram badge

  1. E

    FB & İG Verification - Blue Tick - Can you get ?

    Hello there Work will be done for 20 -25 accounts per month These people are celebrities, artists, youtubers, or public figures. Looking for someone who will work continuously and finish the process quickly at an affordable price
  2. multicolouredhat

    Need Instagram Page Verification Badge Seller

    Hello I need Instagram Page verification badge for a business page. Page has 702 posts and 19K Followers. Please let me know the price for this service and if all good then this will be my continuous requirement. Also, Non Genuine and Non Serious Sellers, Please do not post or message. If...
  3. B

    Instagram Badge Verification Serice Request

    Hello, I am currently searching for someone who has the capability of giving an Instagram account a 'verified' badge. I have a budget to spend $1000-4000 for the verification badge/service. Please PM me if you are a legitimate service. Just a few notes: - This Instagram account has 143k...