instagram automation

  1. AryaStark

    Need a Partner who can do the Instagram Automation - Let's Work Together

    Hey, I wanna work with someone who can manage the Instagram Automation part. I have a good profitable niche, that I've been selling in for years now. What do I need? - Follow/Unfollow - Automated DM's for new Followers That's basically all I need. If you have the time and want to work...
  2. SeedPhrase

    Instagram Post scheduler for professional accounts [Need recommendation]

    I am looking for an Instagram Post scheduler for a professional or Business account that doesn't connect with Facebook. i recently tried a couple of Paid Schedulers like Planable, Hootsuite, and Metricool, Later all of them as asking to be authenticated with Facebook, I connected a couple of...
  3. P

    Automated Meme page maker and poster

    Is there a way to make an automation process to create instagram pages and post meme reels daily?
  4. Peter Turner

    1 Review Copy - Socinator -The Social Dominator- Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|Linkedin|Reddit|Youtube|Tumblr|Quora

    Hello everyone, I am providing one review copy for the marketplace approval of my BST. Software Description : Socinator is the ultimate social media marketing software. With seamless, easy-to-use interface and powerful automation features, it lets you streamline your social media workflow...
  5. RatSeaExclusive

    Is Instagram automation still in meta?

    I wonder if anyone is using automation like follow/unfollow and have their account not banned after month or less
  6. jolieprince29

    One Free Review Copy Of Jolie-InstaMator | Instagram Automation on Real Devices (Android Phones)

    Hello, I am providing One Review copy of Jolie-InstaMator Software. Jolie-InstaMator is Instagram Automation tool. It works on official Instagram application on real android phones. It can perform the tasks like normal users do with their own hands manually. License Details: Package Name : IG...
  7. duuldademon

    Instadub Follow Method not working

    I am new to instadub, I have been using twitterdub seamlessly for some time. I am failing to get my bot to follow followers of the selected account. My account is hooked up to a working proxy, I have tried without a proxy as well. I have daily limits set. The account I am using to automate was...
  8. eaglehunter

    Looking for an automated Instagram tool ( Scraper and poster)

    So as the title suggests, I am looking for an automated tool to scrape pictures/reels/ carousel from instagram profiles that I provide (3 times per day) I would like to copy the location, the caption, the music ( if there is any), and of course the pictures themselves and post them on my...
  9. ArthurMorgan

    Is someone still growing authority accounts using automation?

    Hey all, I was wondering if some of you guys are still using automation software to grow authority IG accounts in various niches. I remember 6 years ago or so, people were going crazy about it and I jumped on the bandwagon too. However, I managed to grow only 2 accounts to decent numbers. If...
  10. O

    Jarvee with 4g proxies

    I have my own 4g proxies very high quality on the vodaphone network (number 1 mobile provider in UK). With aged phone verified actions and If i keep to 100 actions a day (follow) will these get banned?
  11. O

    instagram proxies

    Hello BHW, how many instagram accounts per 4g mobile proxy can you run at the same time. Say i had 3 accounts i’ll running at similar times for about 8 hours on one IP. Then IP rotates for another 3 accounts then it runs for 8 hours. Then after 8 hours it rotates again with 3 new accounts. so is...
  12. O

    Best automation method for many accounts

    Hello all, What is the most safest automation method for instagram?? i want to run about 100 accounts through this 1. Using a custom built software that doesn’t use API that manually clicks on the actions. such as follow/like/DM etc. This will be through a PC. Then use very high quality 4G...
  13. Koffein

    Instagram bot to follow accounts

    I'm wondering if there is a bot that can follow a list of account I previously scraped. That is the primary task I want to do, it would be great if the bot can also unfollow accounts that didn't follow me in a given time, and then re follow again after another given time and so, and so. This is...
  14. P

    My Instagram journey GOAL 10k$/MONTH

    I am posting this only for motivation my self Also, I thought it will be fun to track my journey there on BHW. And maybe found some new friends and motivation others. I want to make money only from Instagram and my Goal is 10k$/M only profit! What I have? - Absolutely awesome services for...
  15. genito

    Is it risky to change proxies for instagram automation(not with rotating)

    Hello, I'm new with proxies and I wanna know if my accounts gonna get any flag if I start automating with one proxy for 1 month then I change the proxy. For example let's say I buy 10 proxies for 1 month and I use them, then after my subscription to these proxies end I need to buy other proxies.
  16. L

    I need some fiverr reviews for my instagram automation service :)

    Hey, I just started to work as a social media account manager with my own software called For the start I want to have some customers so I have a 5$ package on Is anyone interested in exchanging reviews, favs etc? Please PM me.
  17. keithdu45

    Custom Instagram Bot Issue: Unavailable page message (Chrome headless)

    Hi, I’m building an Instagram automation bot and I’ve been having an annoying issue. The bot is using a chrome headless instance controller via puppeteer. The bot browses Instagram, picks users and interacts with them (might open & like a few posts, follow, unfollow). Nothing special. Overall...
  18. A

    Best Automation Service

    Im currently looking for an automation service. I only need it to find people to dm. It needs to be able to target users based on hashtag or things like that. I was previously using GMT2 but faced some troubles when it comes to action blocks. Let me know a good one please!
  19. Unlicensed420

    Is InstaPy still usable?

    I want to automate a few personal accounts with very very slow settings Just wanted to know if someone is using it or the people who used what kind of problems did are you guys facing ? or is it working perfectly?
  20. bios1980

    [WTB] Instagram Limitations

    Hello i am testing ig accs to know the limits of Ig automation, if anyone can help me with that or did tests already, I'll be glad to know his reports.
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