instagram automation software

  1. M

    Scapping IG username

    Hi everyone, hope you are doing Well. Anyone knows a good tool To scrap IG username (by hashtag; keyword; location) Thanks
  2. S

    Automated Instagram DM Bot Secret Code

    Hey guys! Does anyone know how to get the Instagram bot FlashFunnels (formerly SalesBrain) to approve your request for a secret code that gives you registration access? Their software is essentially a chatbot for your Instagram DM. It allows you run an ecom store without having to pay for...
  3. W

    Can a location be blocked on instagram for automation?

    I am really new to instagram automation. So i made the mistake of automating over 15 accounts with no proxies whatsoever. ofcourse learning the hard way, starting to get blocks over and over. So now ive changed my Ip adress, and decided to run only 1 account with automation on my residential ip...
  4. A

    Auto send message to a group

    Hi ! I post everyday and I use dm group (engagement group ) . I need to like and comment other post of other users, and after I can share my post . Since 2-3 weeks, I would like automoated all that . I have find solution for autopost, auto like and comment the posts of other users , but I...
  5. ciano061

    Best Instagram automation software?

    I’m saving up for an Instagram automation software called instadub. I like the look of it because unlike other softwares it’s only a one time payment of €100 and you can use unlimited accounts. I was just wondering if there are any automation softwares that would be better than instadub. I would...
  6. sam.hunt0710

    Socinator -The Social Dominator- Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|Linkedin|Reddit|Youtube|Tumblr|Quora|etc

  7. sam.hunt0710

    Socinator - All in one Social Media Automation Software - Beta Testers Needed

    Hey Everyone, I am glad to finally announce the official Beta release of Socinator - A brand new ALL-IN-ONE Social Media Automation and Management Software. This tool is built based on our past experience and co-operation of some successful Social Media Influencers and Money Makers. And we...