instagram auto like

  1. toninin

    [HQ]Instagram auto like/engagement, the likes/views/comments from your own followers!

    Welcome to, we will provide you 200-5k Instagram loyal followers, they will first follow you and like/comment/view your post/story daily on their feed page, like how most Instagram engagement comes!!! We have decided to only serve 30 customers, long-term cooperation...
  2. jongmr

    Instagram auto like

    Hey I’m using Instagram engagement groups for my Instagram page and that’s means for every round of engaging I should like around 500 posts in 2 hours to receive the likes to my post. I don’t have time to like 500 posts for each round of engaging I’m looking for bot to like the list I should...
  3. R

    Instagram Auto Liker Needed

    I am in need of an Instagram Auto liking software that works for multiple accounts. Ive been using instadub for 2 years and its not working as well anymore and i'm trying Jarvee right now but its having the same blocking issues as instadub. Any suggestions?
  4. W

    In theory, cant i just put in the Ip adress of my phone, and put in under "proxy" in jarvee?

    If i put in the Ip adress of my smartphone, and simply delete the instagram app and only browse instagram through jarvee? I am really new to instagram automation, so i bet you know a lot more than me about this :) Has anyone tried this? This may seem like a stupid question to the experienced...
  5. Jeff Arnold

    Automatic Viral Drip Feed Alternative?

    It is now May 2019 and Automatic Viral is no longer accepting new customers. Rumor has spread that this is the end of their service. I have been used AV for over 3 years now solely because of the Automatic Instagram Like Drip Feed subscription package. I am looking for a new alternative to that...
  6. J

    Looking for drip feed likes, retweets & comments for Insta/Twitter etc.

    Please PM me or reply so we can talk! Looking to buy a small amount and scale up. Must come from real-looking accounts! Looking for Twitter likes and retweets, and Instagram comments, likes, possible video views and saves. Let me know thanks!
  7. johnhustle007

    Who's the best proxy supplier for Instagram?

    Where's the Instagram proxy suppliers hinting? I've been testing & looking for some good proxy supplier for 2 months now no lucky. Can someone recommend some working proxy suppliers? Thanks in advance
  8. C

    My instagram (IG) Journey to 100k Followers

    Ok guys, first off i will begin by thanking BHW for this wonderful forum; this forum is just awesome, so much to learn trust me, also my acknowledgment goes to the wonderful members we have here; who are willing to share one or two helpful knowledge to the newbies and people still struggling to...
  9. 500views

    Offering 100 Free Real Instagram Likes to the next 50 People that reply to this thread

    Hi, I am doing a giveaway today that will offer 100 Free real Instagram Likes to your post. I would like to contribute to the community and offer this service to the first 50 people that reply to this thread. I will add the likes instantly. Note: 1 Submission per user! Reply or PM with Photo...
  10. J

    Tips for some one new to instagram marketing/followliker

    Hi! I am very new to Instagram marketing and other things and I found this site and I wondering if anyone would give me any tips? Few question I have, What are the best settings for followliker? I have mine set to insanely high right now but I know I'll have to change this to hide from a ban...
  11. A

    Shoutout For Imacro Scripts / KIK shoutout Group

    Hey guys. Been a member on BHW for years now but haven't really been active. Im trying to grow my instagram page as fast as possible so I started creating imacros to make things easier. I started fiddling around with imacros for instagram use over the past few weeks. Trying out well over 40+...
  12. A

    Instagram Auto Liker BOT

    Hey, Does Anyone know Instagram Liker BOT??
  13. willteasle

    Followliker like function having nearly zero results the past week

    Hi guys, I have a modest account I have built up the past year... I started using follow liker around the 4000 mark. I'm not concerned with the follow/unfollow game. I was just happy to "like" on hashtags... this seemed to work well for me, I was getting around 50+ followers a day! However the...
  14. U

    Followliker like/comment/follow limits?

    What are currently good settings for Followliker? My account is ~ 1 year old and has 11k followers. Thank you!
  15. U

    Is Follow Liker currently worth it?

    I have an IG account with 10.8K that I have manually built up over the course of about 6 months. It is in a fairly unique niche of Metal/Rock/Alternative, and I would like to grow it at a faster rate. I know that recently a new unfollow limit has been implemented, which will impact...
  16. A

    Request access to Instagram API endpoints

    Hello! we are writing application for liking and following in instagram. Anybody knows how fill this form to get permission on likes and follows? Request access to Instagram API endpoints
  17. O

    looking for an autoliker; instagram

    Hey all, I'm new to this entire website and scene, but it's popped up with answers for things I have asked Google previously so I thought I'd give it a try. Basically like most, I'm looking for promotion for an instagram account, which in fairness, has a fair bit of traffic through it anyway...
  18. T

    good hashtags for followliker?

    Hello i'm looking for someone to help me out with what kind of tags i should be using for a skate/fashion niche on instagram to bring in the best kind of results the generic fashion/skate tags i have found on sites don't seem to bring in all that many probably about 10-15 a day (on a good day)...
  19. M

    Instagram Username Scraper

    HI guys, I'm looking for a scraper that can scrape LIKERS who liked any given username on instagram. Or that can take all the likers username from certain pictures on instagram.
  20. abbas1984

    Instagram auto like + Mention + Follower + LIKE

    Hi We are searching instagram auto like system which make auto like to newly uploaded photo . skype : gulameabbas.bandibar1