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My instagram (IG) Journey to 100k Followers

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by chrisuchiim, May 9, 2016.

  1. chrisuchiim

    chrisuchiim Registered Member

    Dec 28, 2015
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    Ok guys, first off i will begin by thanking BHW for this wonderful forum; this forum is just awesome, so much to learn trust me, also my acknowledgment goes to the wonderful members we have here; who are willing to share one or two helpful knowledge to the newbies and people still struggling to make steady income online

    Brief introduction:
    My name is Chris, am new to this forum, am currently a student, and not working

    Due to my current status as a student, i have been trying to find means i can work online and make just a reasonable income but not been successful, and i know that working solo amid difficult situation is not the best thing to do; there are millions of solutions as longs as one comes out bold and pour out his or her problems. I have read a lot of threads here; some are really good and informative, but the one that caught my interest is Instagram.

    Why Instagram:
    There is this buzz about this social media platform now, so it wont be bad idea to jump on board as fast as i can

    Actions completed so far:
    i will be targeting 5 niches, so i have created accounts in these 5 niches using different email addresses and different IP locations, and the niches are:

    • Fashion
    • Health and beauty
    • Travel
    • Business opportunity or work from home
    • Romance / Relationship

    Current State of these accounts now:

    Basically these account have 0 followers or 0 following thing as it is pretty new

    Plan with the chosen niches (Plan A):

    I plan to build and develop each account to at least 100k in the next few months, after which i might find ways to monetize the accounts or sell them for profit, but have not decided on this yet. But honestly, the niche i fancy so much is the fashion niche, even right now am building an eCommerce store for this purpose, so will most likely put all my effort in this niche in the future.

    Project Plan (Plan B)
    Because of the tedious nature the follow or the unfollow thing could be , i plan to acquire an Instagram bot; of course good one. i have heard about these bots ; followliker/ mass planner/Instagress, but i don't know which one is really good for what i plan to achieve (as cited above), but trust me sometimes i feel like to manually do this to assure myself i am getting real followers

    Suggestions Please:
    Please any suggestion on a good Instagram software / bot for growing account will be much appreciated, of course the one that is good and wont give me headache, and at the end money well spent.
    Also, recommendation on settings will be much appreciated as my accounts are new and i would not like to be banned, so will most likely adhere to rules and suggestion, so suggesting to me a good software (browser based or cloud based type if any) will be really treasured, and perhaps the reason why you prefer any

    Result Reporting System:
    Essentially i will be reporting every 2 days, at least to allow data to flow in

    The Benefits to journey with me (newbies)

    While navigating through this IG journey, i will be revealing everything i have done; both the strategies suggested here by the people and the one am personally trying myself will be let known for the sake of new people wanting to start their own journey or growing their account too

    Finally, i would have love to buy any of the software as above today, but to avoid unnecessary mistakes or regrets, i will wait for some inputs or suggestions based on their experience and then act (purchase) by tomorrow.

    That's it guys, thanks for the time, will be updating soon, and stay blessed! :)

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  2. okazaki

    okazaki Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Apr 16, 2015
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    Good luck OP! Wish your good day. Please keep update.
  3. Expl0it

    Expl0it Newbie

    Oct 6, 2015
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    Well my friend, i hope you achieve supreme success on this! Good luck. By the way, by now i use instagress trial ( they give you 3 days for free). But on the long run i would suggest you FollowLiker.
  4. goodperson

    goodperson Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jan 3, 2015
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    There will difficulties. I think you can overcome them. Good luck your journey.