instagram affiliate marketing

  1. MehtaM

    Can I promote Clickbank products on Instagram?

    One person is offering me an account of 8000 followers for $80. Is the price right? The account is in my niche. Can I promote Clickbank products on Instagram without getting the account banned? I mean to use a pre-lander on custom domain and put link in bio. Is it safe?
  2. rocknrollchef

    Effectiveness Of Video On IGTV vs. Main Feed w/ Affiliate Links?

    Hello (trying this question again): Instagram is obviously putting some emphasis on video lately - especially IGTV - but wondering two things regarding their effectiveness towards the MAIN goal: Driving traffic to a shopping cart or affiliate program to make $: 1. Is it better to upload a...
  3. IG Pro

    Who Should I Target?

    Good morning everyone! Todays question is: What type of people, hashtags, locations should i target if i offer web hosting (BlueHost - affiliate) throught Instagram? My goal is to hit $100 - $350/d which are 2 - 5 clients. You can send around 40-50 DM's per account a day, i will be using 2-3...
  4. J

    CPA + Instagram [Converting New Leads]

    Hey everyone, Very nice to meet you all, and if anyone has questions I'm more than happy to answer. After doing a ton of research I decided to embark on my own CPA + IG journey like many others here on BHW. And here's what that looks like... I currently am running 52 Instagram accounts...