1. lefadomono

    How to correctly aply the Mother-Child method

    Hi everyone, today I m gonna try to build a guide of how to apply this method, by my own I think this are some functions that can do the child in order to grow the mother account: Like, comment, save and share when a new photo is posted Watch, reply and share new Stories/Reels/IGTV Post...
  2. UuuU1245

    How can I monetise my IG page! 37.7k

    I have an IG page with 37k followers and I have only made 30$ in a year that it took me to grow it , and Im thinking of giving up and selling the page honestly , I would appreciate any help or Ideas the page is motorcycle niche !
  3. Nw_Work

    is there a number of instagram accounts you can create on one device?

    Is there a limit on this and do they block/ban new created accounts? I think I have made around 4-5 accs already and I really need to make another one for a new business will this be ok?(Made using one device) Best Regards, NW
  4. Cro7

    Looking for Jarvee Expert

    Hi guys, I want to start automation on Jarvee with LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Are there any experts here? If you know just one platform above, but you are very good at it PM me. The options are to show me or to work with me. My budget is $500
  5. J

    instadub expert

    Hi, Im looking for someone who knows how to configure instadub well for specific tasks
  6. MrT131

    Is it okay to resell HQ Panel Likes & Followers for a high price?

    Hey BHW, recently I saw somebody that created an agency just for selling panel likes & followers. When I PM him he confirmed that and told me that he don’t mention the fake likes & followers businesses. Do you guys think it’s scam to provide “Growth Services” for Businesses for 200€ and...
  7. Cro7

    Shoutout on 20mil followers network?

    Hi, I do not sell any shoutouts or promote some shoutouts. I will not give you any names. I came across one network that has 20 mil followers on 7 accounts. If you buy a shoutout on all of the accounts you will pay $1300 for 24h. I saw on the SocialBlade that the average engagement rate is...
  8. trane8881

    Instagram fanpage posting

    Hello guys what methods are you using to find , save & post content to your pages? (In case of using a smartphone, or SAFE external tools) if there're some tricks , methods to make it faster and easier, i think it will be also interesting for other members, thanks :)
  9. channamoney

    Jarvee Follow Action Block

    Hi there, Jarvee action block is end? Or have any alternative tools for Instagram marketing?
  10. V

    Job auto poster (reply)

    Hello, I need someone that can auto post replies to job postings. MESSAGE or Skype me with prices or more details. Thanks
  11. I

    Best Chrome Extensions for Instagram

    I'm looking for some extensions to have running in the background to do some leg work while I'm working on other things. What are some of the best Chrome extensions you can suggest?
  12. ahmedEL

    how to get new externel IP address on 4G wifi router with 4G sim card?

    Hi how can I change my ip address on a 4G wifi router with sim card I tried rebooting the router but I got the same IP address
  13. IAmDubleX

    Are there any smm panels with working followers? URGENT

    I'm looking for a smm panel with working/stable/fast instagram followers with rates around 1$/1k, if anyone knows, I need to know ASAP, I have been using a few, none of which work.
  14. K

    How to advertise an SMM panel?

    Hi! I was wondering how is it possible to advertise SMM, aince I would guess that on Instagram and Facebook you cannot advertise something that goes against their ToS. Does anyone have an experience with this?
  15. P

    Is buying followers worth it?!

    I was just wondering about it.. what is your take... OR when to buy followers?!
  16. UuuU1245

    I wanna start Cpa + Ig help

    hey BHs, I have an Instagram account fortnite niche with 4+ followers and I want to know how can I put my ogads link in bio without getting banned and how to create a good converting landing page and how to set everything up. I would appreciate whoever guides me through this process I have a...
  17. L

    how do some accounts suddenly get more than 100k real followers?

    I have been watching some accounts suddenly gain a lot of real followers, like suddenly become "famous". And I wonder how they did it. Here are things they have in common: 1. they do not use hashtags (not in post caption or comment area) 2. they don't do follow/unfollow (they only have 150-350...
  18. Mirkogiovannetti

    Help about 4G Mobile Proxies on my Country

    Hi guys, someone who can help me set up 4G proxies from home to use Jarvee. I'm starting to get instagram blocks. There is no supplier selling mobile Proxies for my country so I am forced to do everything myself. If there are additional cost I will pay. I await your reply
  19. Infinite Dream

    How well do IG accounts work after bad proxies ?

    As the title says if for example I had an IG account on a bad proxy and was getting F and L blocks then what would happen if I change it to a better proxy? Is the account already finished and unusable or is the good proxy going to straighten it and make the blocks go away?
  20. slimdz

    How did you make your first 1000$ online?

    how did you make your first $1k online? it would be helpful if you tell about your experience :)