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    IRS website hack for coronavirus stimulus checks: All caps

    Having trouble with the IRS site? Try all caps. Yes, really Getting a “payment status not available” error when you’re trying to learn the status of your IRS coronavirus stimulus check? Try this one weird trick that really works: Enter your street address in all caps. Yes, really. The IRS...
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    WHO officials warn health systems are ‘collapsing’ under coronavirus

    WHO officials warn health systems are ‘collapsing’ under coronavirus: ‘This isn’t just a bad flu season’ World Health Organization officials warned Friday against dismissing the coronavirus that’s swept across the globe as just a bad outbreak of the flu. Mike Ryan, executive director of the...
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    Google Charging for Android apps | EU Antitrust

    Google is adjusting to life in the EU after the $5.05 billion (€4.34 billion) antitrust fine levied against it by the EU earlier this year. Google is still appealing the initial ruling, which found that Google used Android to illegally dominate the search market, but for now Google will comply...
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    The Sexiest Offline Marketing Career Might Be Mine

    I have been a member here for a few years now, and I originally joined BHW to network myself among some talented people in hopes of finding some methods to assist me service the various needs my clients have from time to time. I'm sharing this because I have developed my career along the...