1. D

    Adsense giving me "Invalid URL" error when submitting website

    I've submitted my site to both adsense and infolinks and I get this error. To be clear, I haven't submitted my site and it has been rejected. The forms do not allow me to continue and I just get that error. I have a discounted namecheap domain so it's not a normal .com or .org ect. It was...
  2. I

    Infolinks + cpa offers

    Hi, I would like to try promoting cpa offers with infolinks CPC. Did any try it before? What offers concert well? Thanks.
  3. F

    Infolinks Average CPM? [HELP]

    I am thinking about using infolinks as a source of additional income. I plan implementing 6 to 8 intext ads, what would my CPM most likely be with this implementation? What is your average infolinks CPM if you have used them? Please help.
  4. S

    can i make profit from a forum receiving 150 visitors per day?

    Hi guys, i own a forum in french to help people solving their issues on facebook. i have been getting a steady 150 visitors per day for the last few years (thu, i used to get 400 per day before). i have tried to get it approved by adwords but they always rejected it (maybe because i use facebook...
  5. F

    Infolinks Help!!!

    I'm thinking of adding infolinks to my site, with around 100,000 page views a day would infolinks be worth adding and how much could I make with around 100,000 pageviews a day?
  6. R

    Infolinks Help!!!

    I'm new to infolinks and I'm thinking about putting it on my websites. Does anyone use infolinks? How would you rate it as far as income? How much can you make a day with over 100,000 page views? If anyone knows anything about infolinks, please leave a comment below. Thanks.
  7. R

    Adsense + Infolinks possible? Want to augment by main earning website's income

    Hi, As I have previously shared here, my adsense income is going very good from my main site. I was thinking of increasing the income by adding infolinks. Infolinks says that it is as not in violation of Adsense TOS. But, does Adsense say that? I don't want to lose adsense income. Please...
  8. S

    Where should I sell my InfoLinks/AdSense site?

    I have a website in the Psychology Niche I started last month, did SEO work on it (It's an EMD domain) and I implemented InfoLinks on it on the first of this month. It's already made over $70 so far and am wanting to sell it, are there any other sites besides Flippa that I can list it on? Any...
  9. P

    How to monetize a Social Bookmarking site

    Hey guys I need some advice from you. I have a social bookmarking site that gets around 700 unique visitors per day and about 5000 page views per day. Now to my question, how would you monetize it? I am signed up at a few CPA networks and tried Banners for a while but did not have any success...
  10. V

    Amazon alternatives?

    Good evening everyone. At first i wanted to use Amazon, but after reading some threads which made me feel like i won't earn a coin from Amazon i decided to look for something else! :questionmMaybe u can tell me what are Amazon alternatives? I mean similar affiliates to Amazon, i want to use it...
  11. knopper

    How to Make money from a News site

    I have a website with Alexa rank of 17k worldwide. It's related to News. My main revenue is from Adsense and Infolinks. How can i make money with affiliates using this website? Any Suggestions :)
  12. M

    Vibrant Media vs Kontera Vs infolinks

    Vibrant Media vs Kontera Vs infolinks Which one pays the most over all? I figure BHW would be the best place to ask for a honest answer? What have you guys had success with?
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