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can i make profit from a forum receiving 150 visitors per day?

Discussion in 'BHW Beta Testers' started by SEOfrog, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. SEOfrog

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    Jun 25, 2016
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    online marketing
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    Hi guys, i own a forum in french to help people solving their issues on facebook. i have been getting a steady 150 visitors per day for the last few years (thu, i used to get 400 per day before). i have tried to get it approved by adwords but they always rejected it (maybe because i use facebook theme). i used infolinks to place some ads between posts, but this bring me crap revenues, maybe 2 dollars per month. I created a few ads also to sell my own digital products but no one clicks!! im desperate, i would like to know if someone could help me find a good way to monetize my website and optimize placement of my ads. i m ready to pay someone who will be able to generate me a few bucks per day, even very small amounts. my site is facebookforum dot fr and im on the first page of Google france when we type "facebook forum" on google france

    thank you very much!!